Ballin: Sure it took him 20 shots to do it, but Michael Beasley scored 27 points in the Suns’ comeback win against the Lakers. He’s Michael Beasley, that’s what happens. But what doesn’t usually happen is a 10-point fourth quarter where he goes 5-6 and makes a bunch of big shots down the stretch, which is exactly how things played out last night. Those sweet black retro jerseys and a top knot must be magical, because Beasers also had five steals.

Not so much: Well, the Raptors lost another one-point game because the referees refused to blow the whistle on a last second call. So I guess the loser of the night is the NBA because they’re going to have to apologize to Toronto for a THIRD missed call that cost them a chance at a win. Ridiculous.

See ya: Joe Johnson’s crossover is nice, but the Nets’ bench is better.

Chris Bosh’s main regret about this clip, however, is that he didn’t get to videobomb it. Next time.

How he likes it: In a one-on-five battle — truly his preferred form of basketball — Nate Robinson scored 24 points to the Bucks bench’s 25.

Formula 50: All five Pacers starters scored in double-digits during their victory over the trade-weakened Pistons. That’s neat.

Chill: Matt Barnes was mad, so he did a Matt Barnes thing.

What does he think this is — a summer league game?

Nobody beats the Wiz: Because they beat themselves, zing. In just the second quarter of last night’s loss, Washington went 3-for-16 and turned the ball over seven times. Here’s a hint: if you turn the ball over twice as often as you make shots, you’re going to lose the quarter.

Fancy: Tyson Chandler had five assists in the Knicks’ win last night, the first time he’s notched that many helpers since November 2007.

Oh, come on: How is this a real thing that happened?

Watch it on an endless loop, if you want. It still won’t make sense no matter how many times you see it.

New regime: Since Rajon Rondo’s season-ending knee injury, the Boston Celtics are 2-0. Obviously, he was holding them back.

If we want to: Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems like Stephen Jackson had a good time beating his former team.

Other things: The Nuggets and Jazz both won, but you guys can tell me how that went down … Silly shot from Danilo Gallinari that of course went in … Yet another fancy Ricky Rubio passSolid flop from Chris Bosh last night … Jimmy Butler is not impressed with his own dunk … Watch the show today for our thoughts on the big Rudy Gay trade

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  1. Actually, Barnes flagrant foul was before Stiemsma fouled Hill and captain jack link is Stiemsma’s gif.

  2. Bosh better get a warning for that flop

  3. Seems like Stephen had a good time berating his former team. And every other team for that matter

  4. The funniest part is that he flopped on Evans – so it kind of makes it Ok in a rare example of two wrongs making a right.

  5. scary things: kobe started his assist streak ON THE EXACT SAME DAY rajon rondo learned he had an ACL tear. only logical explanation: rondo was possessed by an assist-demon who left his body because duh, it’s a basketball demon. we all know they hate rehab. so he went into kobe’s body.
    that would actually explain a lot.

    other thought: now that kobe passed up all those shots and the lakers lost, do you think he’s going back to shooting? (his thought being: “I tried passing and we lost to the suns so eff y’all”)

  6. At last night’s Clippers v Wolves game, Eric Bledsoe attempted two huge dunks that missed when he was fouled. If anyone has links, they were pretty incredible.

    Also, Rubio’s ball fake to Kirilenko and attempted layup (fouled, missed) was neat. Anyone have video/gifs?

  7. How about Dwight’s gum hitting Pau in the face when he got hurt.

  8. Here is a test…name the NBA players:

    Player A
    36 mpg, 17.4ppg, 4.3rpg, 44% FG%, 4.7 FTA, 83% FT%, PER 14.42

    Player B
    37 mpg, 17.2ppg, 5.9rpg, 41% FG%, 3.7 FTA, 78% FT%, PER 14.40

    Okay…I’ll make it easy…

    Player A is Demar DeRozen.
    Player B is Rudy Gay.

    Someone needs to explain to me:

    Why did the Toronto Raptors trade for (a) a guy they already had, (b) an older version of the guy they already had and (c) and older version of the guy they already had who is making $7-8 million more than the guy they already had?

  9. Gallinari is the master of´╗┐ off-balance baseline stuff

  10. I liked the concept, but a lot of the Suns’ players looked really bad in the black I thought. Especially Scola.

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