Can’t wait for the sequel — “Pistons Fan Puts Old Tayshaun Prince Jersey at Bottom of Drawer Because He Thinks He Might Wear It Again Sometime, Only to Realize It’s Been So Long That He’s Worn It That Now It’s Full of Wrinkles.” It’s a working title, but you get the point.

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  1. That’s not a Piston’s fan, that’s a UK fan.

  2. THe guy is a douche.

  3. i feel conflicted here. it was emotional watching a guy waiting for his favorite player to come out of the tunnel only to find out he’s been traded. but then he just looks like “ah, man. can’t get my jersey singed. no biggie” and then takes it off. i would have gone to the parking lot and cried into the jersey. maybe that’s crazy, what do i know.

    • He wasn’t a pistons fan. He was disappointed that prince got traded cuz he wouldn’t get to watch him play that day, not disappointed cuz he wasn’t a piston anymore.

  4. As a sports fan, that must the worst experience ever. He spent money on expensive tickets to see one of his favourite players up close. On the day he’s been waiting for, said player is traded. Not to mention, the player was previously promised by the organization that he will not be traded, as per his reason for resigning with the club. That’s bad news bears all day.

  5. @victory cruise- expensive tickets?!? Have you checked the prices for Pistons tickets at any time during the past several years??

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