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On today’s Overdose, The Jones discuss the Rudy Gay three-way deal; #TeamTas and #TeamSkeets draft their own Rising Stars Challenge teams; and we weigh in on some All-Fun All-Stars, Allen Iverson’s comeback plans, Metta World Peace’s new reality show, and whether the Celtics could be better off without Rondo.

All that, plus trash talk, pet allergies, the “Wheel of Fortune,” and Superbowl XLVII.


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  1. I don’t see the Gay trade as being that bad for Toronto. I heard you guys the other day saying that you need a superstar to contend…but you need to hit a top 5 pick to get a real franchise changer. Toronto had no pick this year and it is very unlikely they would have been bad enough next year to get a very good pick. And had they not taken on Gays contract what kind of FA’s would they have been able to get anyways?

    • Why is it “very unlikely” the Raptors would have been bad enough next year to get a very good pick?

      Unlikely, perhaps. Very unlikely. C’mon, this is the Raptors.

      Also, why does everyone forget that the Raptors are currently closer to finishing the season with the third-best chance at a top three pick (something like three games away) than they are finishing the season with the No. 15 pick (6.5 games away). I mention this because they lose the pick if it’s anywhere between No. 4 and No. 14 because of the Kyle Lowry deal.)

      • It’s just hard for me to think they would have missed the playoffs again (even the Raptors) with the talent they have. Year 2 of JV and Ross + the players they already have. I did forget about that top 3 protection this year though. Hopefully they get lucky with that.

        • you do realize that fans of every team think this? Oh, with the talent they have, the pistons/cavs/wiz should make the playoffs next year. But they cant all make the playoffs can they? And, before the trade, do you honestly think that toronto has a top 8 team, talent wise, in the east next year? Why would you think that? Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Heat. locks. Atlanta, sixers, bucks, pacers. All better talent. Det. Toronto, cleveland, orlando are all in the same boat. And that doesnt include the much better wiz with john wall or the declining, but still solid celtics.

    • You’re supposed to rent your cap space to teams feeling the pressure from the luxury tax like Cleveland does, like OKC did before. Teams are going to have a very limited time that they can spend in the tax area (except the Nets, maybe) before they have to drop back down. Teams are going to plan on when they enter the cap and eventually when they’ll have to exit, kinda like hitting turbo in NBA Jam if you enjoy lazy analogies. So, use the cap space to take contracts from teams trying to maneuver just under the luxury tax for a year before they make a big push, as well as other teams that need to drop out of the tax.

      Right now, the Raptors have nearly 100 million dollars tied up at small forward along with other horrible contracts. They’re actually coming close to the luxury tax with a team that’s in the worst position for a franchise long-term: too good to tank, too bad to make the playoffs.

      • Wait… Isn’t it precisely what they did with the Gay deal? Taking on talent froma team that couldn’t manage its cap?

        • When you take on a deal like Gay’s, it’s not renting. It’s owning. And you’re supposed to get young assets or picks, not a massive deal for a guy who’d score 19 PPG on 15 shots or 50 shots.

  2. #teamSkeets got my vote.

  3. Tinsley on the bench for my All-Fun Allstars. Imagine a backcourt of him and Andre Miller.

  4. What do reporters say to him after they ask a question? “Andrew Quote-it”

  5. I love Leigh but his constant hate of the Garnett, Peirce, and Rondo is annoying. And I’m not even a Celtics fan

    • He’s too much of a Chicago homer and, well… One kinda goes with the other.

    • Agreed – today he was saying he hated Glenn Davis….until he went to the Magic.

      I am a C’s fan though so maybe I’m a bit thin skinned.


  7. two things.

    the best bit of tweet of the week is when leigh stops, there’s a pause and then everyone realises he’s finished.

    and tas saying cunt almost got me in trouble at work for laughing so much.

  8. What would he be called when he makes a hole-in-one? Andrew No-Putt

  9. Imaginary American Chopper is something Tas would normally come up with.

  10. #TeamTas all the way.

  11. “Or do we wanna go big?” – Skeets during every pick. I loved it.

  12. JR SMITH for the all-fun team. Where were you Leigh?? This game makes even more sense for him than a real All-Star game.

  13. why no sad recorder departure song for Calderon, is Tas too upset????

    also the bonus for the BJ army….. more Hiddadi!!!!

  14. Goran Dragic needs to be on the All-Fun team. Great short guy dunker, has crazy energy and everything he does looks dangerous

  15. Can’t forget about Jimmer for your All-Fun Team, the guy can still bomb from deeeeep

  16. High protein is the way to go, but both eggs and greek yogurt are both high in fat.

  17. Hey guys, could you please look into improving this media player. It is super choppy and like listening to your podcast in slow mo.

    please please please

  18. A whole box of cereal in a single sitting? Sounds like something a book off loser would do.

  19. We do you insist on keeping that Pun Gun Game while you’re so bad at it? Aren’t you bogus.

  20. Even though I do not like the gay trade that much. You guys were talking about drafting kemba walker to bring a “winning culture” to TDot, now we got Gay who was part of a winning team. You guy did not even put JV in the discussion for being drafted and walker does not look like he has much potential. But JV is potentially “top 2″ center in the future.

    • hahaha. Top 2 center eh? Kid has potential, but lets not get carried away here. Additionally, memphis’ best playoff run was with gay in a suit on the bench

  21. I don’t get why any Raptors fans wouldn’t like the Rudy Gay deal.

    The Raptors are most likely losing their lottery pick this year. Getting a top 3 pick is no guarantee no matter how bad they are.

    Rudy Gay only has two seasons left on his deal after this one. For the 2014-2015 season the Raptors are still scheduled to pay Bargnani, Fields, & Derozan somewhere between 27-30M combined. No one is trading for those contracts unless those players significantly improve or the Raptors take on another bad deal. Throw in $6M for JV & Ross, & that only leaves about 20-23M in cap room (if they traded Amir Johnson’s $7M contract) to re-sign Lowry or find a replacement, extend Ed Davis, & fill out the roster. Even if they just let Lowry & Davis walk, what max player is going to Toronto to play with that crew? Basically, with Gay or without him, the Raptors weren’t going to have cap room going into 2014-2015. They made their team better for the next 2 and a half seasons. It was a good deal.

    The Gay trade is making the most of a horrible situation. The Fields, Derozan, & Bargnani contracts are awful. Colangelo should be fired, but not for the Rudy Gay trade; just for all the horrible moves leading up to it. Only making the playoffs twice in 10 years displays obvious incompetence, & it’s not like there was an unexpected Greg Oden or Grant Hill injury situation either.

  22. Real friends would move the party to somewhere everyone could enjoy it

  23. Is there something to be said for being entertaining? You could do a lot worse in terms of excitement than Lowry/DeRozan/Gay/Ross. Let’s be honest, Toronto is always going to have a hard time building and/or keeping a top level team together when so many players don’t want to go or stay there.

  24. That 1999-2001 Orlando Team that Doc Rivers “coached”
    had a projected 43-39 & 44-38 record, but finished 41-41 & 43-39,
    So, the defintion of mediocre.

    The guys who played the most games those seasons were:

    Bo Outlaw
    Troy Hudson
    Michael Doleac
    Pat Garrity
    John Amaechi (Who?)
    Monty Williams
    As well as Darrell Armstong who got MVP votes in 2000. What?!
    A rookie Mike Miller
    And Tracy Mcgrady jacked straight from Toronto for a 2005 1st round pick (Fran Vasquez) who never played a single NBA game. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the last one.

    Either way. Yikes.

    -Chauncey Billups was on their roster but didn’t play, he then left to Minny.
    -Ben Wallace/Ben Wallace’s Hair was there until being traded for Grant Hill.
    -Orlando were still paying a 40 year old Dominique Wilkins.
    -Earl Boykins played one game for them.
    -Corey Maggette was in his rookie year/1st year and was traded for a 1st round 2006 pick (Marcus Williams) that would eventually become a 2nd round pick (Sergei Lishouk).
    -And finally…
    Grant Hill only played 4 games.

    My point? Wasn’t exactly a stylistic choice from Doc to play with a “no point guard” system.
    McGrady’s usage skyrocketed and I’d argue changed his career for the worse after that.
    1st Round playoff exit McGrady was then born.
    Which then lead them to a tank job eventually for Dwight Howard.

    =Just because they had the same coach the current Celtics should not compared to the then Magic.



  27. The last two episodes have been difficult to listen to, not because you’re all anti-trade…but because you’re really not analyzing it. It’s just bitching and complaining with a bunch of not very well thought out points thrown in.

    You’re pissed because you think they’re going to be stuck in mediocracy, yet you wanted them to stick it out with EDavis…who you predict will be a solid career bench player for a half dozen teams?

    Call the Fields and Kleiza contracts bad, but you want him to stay the course? If those mistakes prevent the Rapts from picking up a talent like Gay, then they’re even worse.

  28. When he doesn’t come back on defense quick enough you know hat his teammates say? “Get over here, Andrew Slow-Butt!”

  29. When he shaves off his beard and does a nice clean job, he’ll be Andrew No cut. Awesome episode guys, another 20 minutes of raptor news, but pissed myself the rest rest of the show. Probably the best OD I’ve heard. A little early in the morning for Super Bowl dips in Perth though…

  30. Mediocre basketball insight at best.

  31. They say Bogut has really long balls. He’s Andrew LoNut.

  32. did you read Kareem’s ‘girls’ review? feel like kareem and bill walton should have a public access ‘culture’ hour where they talk about books and movies and things. and they both have cats sitting on their laps.

  33. How do you call a bad call in the game involving Bogut?

    Andrew Bogus call

  34. also… the raps are now watchable!

  35. Love Andre Miller. Good to see him getting some love

  36. hey tas, skeets? how does my ass taste?

  37. Team Skeets! Best Shooter and Dunker. Go Warriors

  38. Who would win trash talking and retorts between Larry Bird and Winston Churchill?

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