This photo is great.

So is this collage.

And so is this advice from Fake Griffin, courtesy of Tee Wolves, who interviewed these dudes because of the internet.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about dressing up as an NBA player at an NBA game?

Our advice would be to try to imitate players that look the most like yourself to make things easier. Pay attention to detail so others know exactly who you’re trying to imitate. Also, be prepared to get a lot of looks and laughs at the game. It’s a very fun process.

It’s a very fun process, you guys. So basically, we should all do it. I’m going as Brad Miller to every game, regardless of who’s playing, mostly because I can’t stomach going as Spencer Hawes. I’m sure you understand.

Please leave your NBA doppelganger in the comments. Photographic evidence encouraged.

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  1. I think that IS Alexey Shved

  2. I bussed tables at a restaurant near home one summer while I was in college. All of the cooks that worked there were Mexican & liked to give all of the other employees shit when they walked by. I walked in on them calling a server “Grace Under Fire” because she looked (barely) like Brett Butler. Then, one of the cooks looked me up & down and we had the following conversation:

    - Him: “Luc Longley.”
    - Me: “Are you saying that because I’m a lanky white guy?”
    - Him: “Yeah.”

    I look absolutely nothing like Luc Longley, so there’s no need for any photographic evidence. Also, it’s important to note that Longley left the Bulls about 5 years prior to that conversation & thus was no longer relevant in the area in which I lived.

    • ” I walked in on them calling a server “Grace Under Fire” because she looked (barely) like Brett Butler. ”

      Even if that incident happened while that show was on the air, what a random connection to make.

    • *Robot voice* Cool story Bro.

  3. I try to click every Basketball Jones link that has the word “bros” in the headline.


  4. I’m going as Austin Bro-sure….god help me….

  5. Kind of think the guy who went as Rubio might have been a more convincing Barea. But maybe he just didn’t need a JJ jersey. In any case, excellent work.

  6. sometimes I’m able to convince people I’m either cousins with Kirk Heinrich or Nick Collison

  7. You can’t fool my Trey. That’s clearly Marco Belinelli dressed as Barnes.

  8. If I darken my hair a little, I would have this Lou Amundson look locked down.

  9. Just a few more bros dressed up as their NBA dopplegangers from Episode 860: Happy NBA, Happy Halloween:

  10. That’s supposed to be Barnes???? I immediately thought Delfino!

  11. I was once told I looked like Aaron Gray, and took it as the insult it was. I was also once told I play basketball like Trent Dilfer.

  12. Errrm Bellineli… why do I always mix those two up!??!

  13. Fake Beard? what a pussy

  14. Fan Nights should be “dress up in full kit and gear of the player you look like – if not, no entry” nights. That’d be good.

    I don’t think I have a doppelgänger in the NBA though so I’m not allowed. That idea sucks.

  15. Why does fake Blake Griffin have fake red hair?

  16. These guys are in college? I must be getting old, they look like little boys to me..

  17. Are the two guys behind them drinking beers photobombing dressed as the vilians from home alone?

    • Phenomenal spot!

      Trying to decide which is funnier – two grown men going to an NBA game dressed as the Wet/Sticky Bandits or two grown men unintentionally looking exactly like the Wet/Sticky Bandits.

      Leaning towards the latter…

  18. For the raps home opener one of my buddies dressed up like bargs: ( he doesn’t really look like him but funny none the less )

  19. This is creative but….Blake Griffin’s hair is not that red.

  20. Blake Griffin’s hair is not that red.

  21. I feel like the Ricky was a bit of a reach. On first glance I thought he was Greg Stiemsma . But this is way to awesome.

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