This photo is great.

So is this collage.

And so is this advice from Fake Griffin, courtesy of Tee Wolves, who interviewed these dudes because of the internet.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about dressing up as an NBA player at an NBA game?

Our advice would be to try to imitate players that look the most like yourself to make things easier. Pay attention to detail so others know exactly who you’re trying to imitate. Also, be prepared to get a lot of looks and laughs at the game. It’s a very fun process.

It’s a very fun process, you guys. So basically, we should all do it. I’m going as Brad Miller to every game, regardless of who’s playing, mostly because I can’t stomach going as Spencer Hawes. I’m sure you understand.

Please leave your NBA doppelganger in the comments. Photographic evidence encouraged.