Ballin: Maybe you think David Lee’s 15 points, 20 rebounds and nine assists is a good line. You are right. So do I. But also, it’s the kind of line that hasn’t been seen in the NBA since David Lee in 2010.

Not so much: Zach Randolph and Tony Allen combined to go 7-29 from the field in last night’s Grizzlies loss. Obviously, they’ll never recover from the loss of Rudy Gay, so let’s never mention the Grizzlies again.

Angry: Russell Westbrook got angry at Thabo Sefolosha last night, got angrier on the bench and then got angriest during a postgame interview with Craig Sager.

This is hard for me to take seriously for three reasons: 1) the Thunder won the game, 2) it’s Russ’ fault he got whistled for a 5-second call, 3) his sweatshirt is from H&M and costs like $40 tops. If you’re going to be famous for zany shirts and being intense, you better get intense about the right stuff and wear shirts that I can’t afford.

Whoa: Here is an amazing stat from Elias regarding Serge Ibaka’s six blocks in 26 minutes: “Over the past two seasons, Ibaka has recorded more than five blocks in less than 30 minutes 11 times. All other NBA players have combined for just 10 such games over that span.” That’s silly.

Related: Speaking of blocks, Andrew Bogut’s game-saver was pretty chill.

Also chill was this one, where Bogut covers way too much ground for a guy his size that looks like Kelly Dwyer with a beard.

Nope: This tiny Russell Westbrook fan is the new Aaron Gray.

Other things: Nice look at all the 90s retro jerseys you’ve seen — and will be seeing — on the court soon … Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reviewed “Girls” for the Huffington Post and typed the words “black dildo,” so I think we can add that to his statue … Some basic clutch stats for your perusal … Shaqtin’ a Fool, you guys … GIF up top is from CJ Fogler and is the very definition of how to guard an inbounds play