Good gravy, this is the perfect synthesis of everything that is Vince Carter’s NBA career. He fakes an injury and then gets a dunk. On the same play. Those are the two things Vince Carter is known for. Why didn’t he think of this before? Would have changed everything.

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  1. baketball is a good sport ii find that if people cant play they should never play the sport… but if they think that that they can play, the person that is trying to help him or her tell them. i dont wash basket but i love to play the sport.

  2. Carter faked an injury? no wayyyy

  3. Love the reactions of the courtside fans immediately calling Vince out on this bullsh!t

  4. Is this self floppin

  5. …and this idiot has been openly campaigning for inclusion in the Hall of Fame, and for the Raps to bring him back and retire his number at the end of his so-called career, in which he will win absolutely nothing other than the few individual awards he got long ago.
    This is possibly the most GUTLESS act I have ever seen in team sports, and making it worse, he does his little “vroom-vroom” celebration after it… nothing like cellying unsportsmanlike behavior, eh VC?
    If I was the guy guarding him on that one, the next time we matched up, there would be no doubt about whether or not there was an injury.
    If he makes it into the Hall of Fame, I’ll cross that trip off my bucket list.
    If the Raps EVER honour him in ANY WAY, I’ll be finished following them too.

    • Chill man, it was a pretty funny trick. Barnes can learn from this.Never trust VC.

    • They will honour him, but they will let enough time pass before doing something. Remember, his last days here were crap, but without Vince the Raptors might not be here right now.

    • Is this like an older, less-important-so-more-ridiculous version of irrationally hating Lebron for too long? You’re making Cavs fans look rational, which is impressive.

      Also, “the guy guarding him on that one” went to the same college as him and they know each other so I doubt he’s going to fulfill your wet dream and injure Carter on purpose.

      Also also, I think crossing things off your bucket list without actually doing them is cheating, but Bill Russell will have to back me up on that.

    • No mercy for a team when a player really goes down. He shouldn’t have even left him that open as he could still shoot the corner 3. Heat snowbird all the time, it’s part of the game.

    • You are confirmed for never having watched soccer once in your lifetime.
      In soccer, when a guy is injured, the action is stopped (whichever team has the ball gets it out of the field and the other team (usually) gives it back after).
      Obviously, faking injuries has been common for that reason, aswell as to get free kicks and yellow/red cards.
      Welcome to the real world, buddy.

    • “and this idiot has been openly campaigning for inclusion in the Hall of Fame, and for the Raps to bring him back and retire his number at the end of his so-called career”

      No. You’re actually lying on both counts. He never openly campaigned for the HOF, or for the Raps to bring him back and retire his number. If he did either of these, please provide a link.

  6. This is one of those things where if someone else does it then the act is terrible, but if we ourselves do it then it’s the most cleverest thing ever done since Larry Johnson dressed up as a grandma and dunked on Eddie Winslow.

  7. Trying to take VC out of the equation and evaluate this is ridiculous. I thought exactly what Trey said when I saw this, perfect summation of his career. He is a guy who looks mopey so someone will ask him if everything is alright, only to say yeah Im fine and still sit and look mopey, and then dunk. Such a CHUMP, I don’t care what he brought to the game via dunking and international acclaim his spirit and approach to the game is so everything you don’t want passed on that it should outweigh his accomplishments and therefore should not receive any acclaim. He is everything you don’t want in a talented player, to reward him is to say to the next generation you don’t need to strive for greatness to have a great legacy. Striving for greatness is the legacy! The means are the ends! SHUN VC

  8. You guys need to get over yourselves. If this was Chris Paul you’d be taking turns tossing his salad about how crafty a ball player he is. Players do this all the time, you’re just miffed it was Vince.

    • I completely agree

    • Finally someone with logic here. But I do understand the bashing here, raps fans have really never moved on all this years. Can’t blame them though But as Donal mentioned, this move would have been praised if this was done by Chris Paul or any other player.

  9. Idk, I don’t think it’s as big of a deal. Dude probably did hurt himself shooting that jumpshot. The guy is old. Took him a couple of seconds to get over it, then he got back to the game. Regardless he should have been defended better, so good job Vince. Way to muscle through it.

  10. This guys a phoney!!

  11. It’s nice to see people from 300 B.C. can still dunk, pretty high for a guy that has been alive for 2000 years.

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