You know the old saying “Sometimes the jokes write themselves?” I hope so, because it’s literally true, as Andray Blatche literally wrote the words “Try Harder!” to another person. This is the dictionary definition of a joke writing itself.

Additionally, Teddy Dray and Dray Bear are both perfect nicknames for Andray Blatche, so feel free to use those interchangeably. Oh, and MarShon Brooks has really nice penmanship.

(via The Brooklyn Game)

Comments (4)

  1. Isn’t that actually irony?

  2. Holy crap, you guys are on ONTD now.. big time!!

  3. As for Blatche, who’s writing looks like it’s out of a elementary school.

  4. MAN if Marshon isn’t going to write his name with stupid capitalization, neither am I!

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