Several hundred blog years ago, back in ye olden days of 2007, Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks lost a first round series to the eighth-seeded Golden State Warriors. You might have heard something about this when the Mavericks were winning their 2011 title. I think it might have been mentioned.

As you might imagine, Dirk was pretty upset about this since it was embarrassing and meant he’d be accepting his MVP award after already being eliminated from the playoffs. So he broke some stuff at the Oracle Arena, which tends to happen when competitive people are upset. No bigs.

But that’s not the good part. The good part is that Dirk Nowitzki took his broken wall and made it awesome, just by being Dirk Nowitzki. From’s David Aldridge:

3) I knew that Dirk Diggler had thrown a chair into a wall near the visitors’ locker room at Golden State after the Mavs were upset by the Warriors in that classic first-round series in 2007, which produced a basketball-sized hole in the drywall. But I didn’t know that he had been good-natured enough to sign his artwork until I took a good look underneath the hole last week.

Let’s file this one away in the “Dirk Nowitzki is Awesome” binder. It’s getting pretty full, but I think you can squeeze it in between “The Way He Holds a Microphone at Press Conferences” and “Those Few Times He’s Worn a Headband.” It’s a pretty great binder, just like Dirk’s a pretty great Dadaist. Art is confusing but this is awesome.