Ep. 921: Quite Tidy

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show before getting to their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for a sneaky Caron Butler, the Rondo-less Celtics, Kyrie Irving’s fourth-quarter heroics, Amare’s perfect Saturday, and Dikembe’s brilliant GEICO commercial. Thumbs down for the Clippers, World Peace’s not-so-subtle uppercut, Duncan’s legs, and Billy Hunter.

All that, plus Bar Refaeli, Canadian pennies, and a TBJ Book-Off streak for the ages.


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Comments (33)

  1. I think Roy Hibbert had the tweet of the year. I nominate it.

  2. It seemed to me like Lebron wanted Rudy to steal the ball at the end since the shot clock was going to run out a couple seconds before the game clock and he didn’t want to put up a shot

  3. If Brandon Knight is LITERALLY half the size of Metta World Peace in terms of height & weight, he would be 3’3½” & 130 lbs.

    • I have to concur that this was a gross violation of the overuse of literally code which is always being nearly trod on on this podcast. I am a little shocked that it was Tas and not Skeets who caused such a gross violation that pointing it out is extremely reasonable and not a violation of the over-upset at grammatical tics code.

  4. Didn’t Detroit have three starting All-Stars?

  5. Kyrie best handles since Iverson no doubt

  6. Gay’s steal on LeBron at the end was a bit different. He didn’t act like a prick pretending the game was over and he was giving a high five for a start, and secondly LeBron couldn’t dribble the clock out anyway, there was more time on the clock then on the shot clock so by stealing it Rudy just ended the game as quick as possible.

    • PS. I hope the Raptors collectively come up with some way to embarrass Butler next year when they meet again. I was pissed no Raps stood up for Jonas, I’m not sure they saw what had happened.

      How about this for a mailbag question, what would be the coolest way for the Raps to get their revenge next time? Something that would embarrass Butler on youtube for eternity.

  7. Kyrie Swerving.

  8. Dr. K! Or Special K

  9. Kyrie I-Win !!!!

  10. Skeets, there are actually 5 members of the Kate Scale bench. Kate Bosworth was the unmentioned. She has been voted twice, actually—first on December 12th (Ep. 890) and again on January 3rd (Ep. 899) because it was her birthday on the 2nd.

    I’m just giving Mon Gelvazon(sp?) a run for his money.

  11. Uncle Drew

    for the win.

  12. OK i want to hear the Bar Rafaeli story, TASSY

  13. ValKyrie and the Cavaliers

  14. Do you have the link to that Kyrie (CBS/pirates carribean) highlight video?

  15. Loving those thunder thighs. I think I’ve been working the upper body too much.

  16. When Skeets tweeted a link to the “Mr. Fourth Quarter” highlight video this weekend, I clicked it hoping that it’d be a highlight mixtape set to the music from this Hood Internet remix of the National’s Mr. November: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/wont-fuck-us-over-by-the-hood-internet-feat-bbu-annie-hart-free-mp3-20120716

    But it wasn’t and I was almost disappointed until I got to see Mr. Fourth Quarter do his thing.

  17. In your best Reggae dialect:
    Fillin’ (it up) Kyrie

  18. Hey one more thing:
    Whichever one of you said at the beginning of the year that Earl Clark would at some point get quality time for the Lakers, I think of you EVERY time Clark makes a play (so a lot). What a Godsend in an otherwise lousy season (so far). I can’t see how two teams let Clark rot on the bench; the guy is a obvious talent and comes from a great program (Louisville).

  19. Come on guys MWP was just showing the kid some love with his the tap. He shouldn’t be suspended as it it looks accidental it’s not like he Kermit Washingtoned Knight

  20. No Kate Upton mention Leigh she was in a Mercedes Benz Super Bowl ad this year?

  21. Since Kyrie has Australian roots give him the nickname Crocodile Gundee

  22. A la Men In Black, Agent K!

  23. Guys, I love yall but are you really taking credit for DURANTULA? That name was around here on Austin radio back in his college year. Chip Brown (now on Live365) claims to have coined it

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