Ballin: 20 and 12 for Greg Monroe, 23 and 10 for Eric Bledsoe, and a standard 30-8-7 for LeBron James yesterday. Take your pick for which is best, but I just like that I don’t have to necessarily spell out what all those numbers stand for. You can figure it out because you’re smart.

Not so much: One of my few requirements for a Super Bowl is that all of the lights stay on for all of the game. I know it sounds crazy, but last night proved my opinion to be a pretty smart one.

Duh: You guys hear about this new move Paul Pierce has? He calls it like a “stepback jumper” or something along those lines.

Not sure we’ve ever seen this move before, so it’s understandable why the Clippers wouldn’t be sure how to defend it. Totally unexpected.

The usual: With 4:20 left in the fourth quarter, DeMar DeRozan hit a jumper to bring the Raptors within three points (86-83) against the Miami Heat. They lost the game 100-85.

Remix: Oh you know, just a standard center leading the fast break then hooking up his point guard for a huge dunk on a guy kind of clip.

The only way this could have possibly been more of a role reversal would have been if Brandon Knight went to the line after this and bricked a couple of free throws. Way cooler this way.

Double R: Yesterday’s win gave the Celtics four straight wins since Rajon Rondo tore his ACL. If this pace continues, they will win 55 consecutive games (a record) and sweep the entirety of the playoffs (a record). Very likely.

Haha: You guys like commerce? Well here’s a pre-Super Bowl ad that will delight the basketball fan in you.

Never again will I feel safe throwing something away. Dikembe Mutombo could be anywhere.

Still: It’s been a while since Metta World Peace hit someone, so it’s pretty cool that he’s back to his old tricks.

Other things: Just a great little video about Kyrie Irving being awesome … Get familiar with some new dog-themed Celtics nicknames, just in case … Cliff Paul was in the house for yesterday’s Clippers-Celtics game … The Raptors have pretty considerably stepped up their shoe game … Picture up top via KaramOYK