This is an actual live advertisement read from today’s episode of the NBA Lockdown podcast (starts at 13:36) that’s hosted by Bruce Bowen. It’s so bizarre that I just had to whip up a quick visualization since B-Bow might be the best live reader since the original Larry Sanders.

And hey, just remember — that’s B-E-R-R-I-E-S. Dot com.

(via Josh)

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  1. They did this on the football today podcast as well.
    corporate promotion isnt uncommon for espn podcasts


  3. I was just listening to this on the ESPN podcast, loved the crazy berry passion! I wonder what Bruce Bowen’s favorite type of berry is, Brent Berry?

  4. Bruce Bowen making puns is all I need to hear.

  5. It just gets better, and he couldn’t finish in any worse way. “And lock it up… With a kiss! (Off the glass) and watch out, you may get more kisses than you know!” Just a fail.

  6. We need a Bruce Bowen Jalen Rose Podcast so it can sound like a crazy guy arguing with himself. Man do those guys have similar voices.

  7. thank you. i felt so awkward when i heard this.

  8. Kerbs confirmed for not being a “WTF with Marc Maron” listener.
    Step it up Trey…

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