Ep. 922: Life is a Song

On Tuesday’s musical episode of “The Fix,” Skeets attempts to sing his way through last night’s NBA action. (Yup. It’s a Book-Off Payoff day.) Topics discussed include: the Bulls-Pacers officiating, how terrible Roy Hibbert looks, David West’s steady hand, LeBron’s near-perfect night, Jose Calderon’s Pistons debut, Nicolas Batum’s wrist, Westbrook’s first official foul, a few juicy trade rumors (Josh Smith-to-the-Suns, Rip-for-Mozgov, KG-to-the-Clippers), and much, much more. Don’t be afraid to sing a long!

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  1. who’s that on the photo? she looks like phantogram’s sarah barthel but with brighter eyes.

    • I think it’s Carly Rae Jepsen.

      • yuck. although I’m undecided between: “phew I’m glad that sarah barthel is more recognizable to me than carly rae jepsen” and “why do I live in a world where sarah barthel is less famous than carly rae jepsen”.
        but it doesn’t matter anyway because this show was awesome.

  2. Please no more singing like this ever again

  3. Skeet, pretty sure smediums reduce one’s ability to handicap games

  4. Also making their debut on this date in 1999: Dirk, Vinsanity, Pierce & Stojakovic

  5. My tickets were upgraded to four rows above center court for last night’s Wolves-Blazers game. I’ve never sat that close before and it really changes the entire experience. Being so close to the players, I took a few anatomy notes for Taswell:

    -LMA is HUGE. He’s taller than every player on the Wolves and his arms/chest are gigantic. I never realized that LMA was that big before. Unbelievable. Pek still has a broader chest, but not by a lot.

    -Damian (L)illard is compact but built like a brick house. Outside of LMA, he was the most muscular player on the floor last night. I was worried his size would hold him back in this league, but not anymore.

    -Mickael Gelabale has the skinniest calves in the league, displacing our former skinny-calf champion: Hakim Warrick.

    • I’m secretly a 16-year-old school girl from spain and/or minneapolis, so I need to know: what is it like to watch rubio play from that close? does he radiate sheer awesomeness or is it somehow less fun to watch it up close than on tv?

      • After five minutes of sitting that close, I turned to my brother and told him “everybody looks as big and strong as LeBron from this close. I can’t imagine what seeing LeBron must be like!” The same sentiment can be modified to apply to Rubio. From afar, Ricky is one of the league’s top “I can’t check Twitter when he’s playing because I might miss something” players. When you’re sitting that close, you feel that way when anybody has the ball.

        The weirdest thing about sitting close to the court is that the closer you get, the smaller the court becomes. You realize just how tight spacing is on an NBA court. This has the effect of making Rubio’s passing seem more random/chaotic and impossible. When I see his dimes on television, I can anticipate the passing angles more readily from that birds-eye perspective than when I’m on eye-level with the scrum.

        Ricky’s game has a lithe grace to it. The only time his game feels staccato is when he gets chippy on defense. Imagine playing NBA2k and seeing the digital players choppily shift from animation to animation. The way Ricky smoothly transitions from running or dribbling to picking up his dribble is the opposite.

        His jumper looked a lot better last night, but that could be because it was his best shooting night of the season and not because proximity makes it look better.

        His footwork (particularly on defense) is incredible. I thought his length was primarily responsible for his exceptional perimeter defense, but after last night, I think his footwork deserves as much of the credit.

        Ricky is clearly his biggest critic. After mistakes, I could hear Ricky cuss himself out (in English) or see him hit himself in the head. He was the loudest Timberwolf on the court last night. His in-game competitiveness reminds me of Chris Paul.

        Finally, I found it fascinating to see that Ricky (and Lillard) both play the point guard position with that thousand-yard stare that makes it seem like they aren’t looking at/focused on anything when they’re actually processing a million little things at once.

        • wow that comment was way more detailed and about 75% more awesome than I thought any comment could ever be. I officially love you for that. thank you mr. danger!

      • I took a few videos with Vine while there (which apparently I’ll need to post in separate comments because the commenting system is convinced that I am trying to post spam)

        Rubio’s attempt at a reverse lay-up

        Some random highlights which include Pek dunking, Lillard sliding like a penguin after breaking up DWill’s fast break and DWill about to miss a 3-pointer

      • The other two which are also awaiting moderation:

        Ricky hitting a jumper followed by Jelly hitting a 3

        Ricky hitting 2 clutch late-game free-throws

    • Thanks so much for the anatomy report, Scott. I enjoyed it from head to toe.

    • I don’t know who this Mickael Gelababbabblejebediah is, but you mustn’t have peeped the calves on Corey Brewer.

  6. Damn Skeets you sound like a cat dying of leukemia. Lower octave next time….

  7. How is that singing a punishment to anyone? Skeets sounds like an angel!

  8. Loving those back-to-back comments above.

  9. Okay an angel dying of leukemia

  10. Blazers are notorious for killing careers due to injury. They better not screw Batum like they screwed Walton and Roy.

  11. Skittles Lamar is a great nickname BTW.

    Game of Thrones Whoa Boy was fucking incredible.

  12. Skittles Lamar needs to be said more often. Skeets……man…..good show?

  13. I’m sorry, but isn’t anyone going to comment on Leigh’s ridiculous way of saying ‘debut’? It had me in tears even after the 10th repeat.

  14. at the 9min 40s mark it sounds like Tas says George Hill “is a gay manager”…..

  15. Please let Tas do this pay-off next time!

    I think having what you would say would have made it go much smoother/make it easier to sing your points. On that note, Game of Thrones was the best.

    Combine the “one word” and “pun gun” games? Just a thought.

  16. Trey, I love you man, but I was VERY dissapointed there wasn’t a “Poped a skittle I’m Sweatin’ WOOO”

  17. i thought the second song was another one bites the dust by queen at first

  18. Digging Trey’s new mom look. WTF Skeets, you can flow better than that. Drummond ascendant.

  19. Good show, think you got off easy with only a few songs bro!

  20. The Game of Thrones theme came on I was like, wait a second there’s no words to this…how is Skeets going to sing this. Pleasantly surprised.

    God forbid there’s ever another lockout, but how about a “theme song” jones,

    Lyric vs Non Lyrical
    Repeated throughout the episode (seinfeld, two and a half man etc) or once only.

    The game of thrones theme is good, and gets you into it and psyched up.
    But personally, all-time I’ve got to go with Cheers.
    It sets the scene, sounds kind of boston-esque, you can sing along and its informative.
    Whatelse could you want really.

  21. rape comment incredibly unfunny, skeets

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