Becoming the first Knick to grab 20 or more rebounds in three straight games since forever ago: pretty sweet.

Lots of reporters wanting to talk to you because of your big achievement: seems chill.

Having to do all those interviews wearing a hat of the team that just beat your favorite in the Super Bowl: super wack.

From the New York Post:

Tyson Chandler netted a share of a Knicks record for three straight 20-rebound games Monday night but lost his Super Bowl bet with Baltimore’s own Carmelo Anthony.

For the postgame interview following the Knicks’ blowout win over the Pistons, Chandler was forced to wear a Baltimore Ravens ballcap with Super Bowl XLVII stitched in purple lettering on the side.

“This is it,” Chandler said. “I just have to do the interview so the whole world can see it.”

As Amar’e Stoudemire walked into the locker room and saw Chandler addressing the media in a purple and gray Ravens cap, he cackled. “I know, it hurts,” said Chandler, who grew up in Compton, Calif. a diehard Niners fan.

Chandler said the Ravens victory should have “an asterisk” attached because of the holding play in the end zone that wasn’t called on San Francisco’s final possession at the Ravens 5-yard line.

Had the Niners completed their comeback, Anthony would have had to wear Chandler’s personal Niners’ helmet he keeps in his house. Now that would’ve been a sight to see.

“It made my day,” Melo said of seeing Chandler in a Ravens hat. “You just don’t know. I made my day.”

And from the New York Times:

Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler made a friendly wager before Sunday’s Super Bowl. Anthony, who grew up in Baltimore, was rooting for the Ravens, Chandler, who is from California, is a San Francisco 49ers fan. Since Chandler’s 49ers lost, he had to wear a Ravens championship hat during his postgame interviews Monday. “That made my day,” Anthony said. “It’s just coincidence he had three games with 20 rebounds and now that picture will be everywhere.”

Carmelo Anthony is obviously pretty pleased with himself right now, as he should be. Not only did his hometown team win the Super Bowl (this is one of those times it’s OK to remember Melo as being from Baltimore and not Brooklyn) and not only did he win his Super Bowl bet, the timing worked out perfectly for him. Because he’s totally right that if you’re going to get a teammate to wear a hat, then there’s no better time than when he’s doing something that no one else in your franchise’s history has done for 40-something years. Very smart, even though Melo should have pushed to get Tyson Chandler in a football helmet. Next time, I guess.

And hey, this also means Tyson Chandler didn’t get a chance to wear his Amish hat again, so it’s kind of a win for everybody. Well, not Tyson Chandler, but you get my drift.

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  1. You could say team usa has an asterisk because mark gasol was fouled out of the gold match early on. See how dumb that sounds? Not a raven fan but it was a good no call.

  2. lee lee please pick another sport for your kid to play haha just kidding. Not that anyone wants to hear it but I will give my useless opinion. Kids playing hockey should play hockey. What I mean is that if you have a kid who is on a Winning allstar team but they have five lines and three goalies and this crap and that crap and they win every game 10-0, who gives a crap. Most of the time that team has one top line that plays all the time and the rest of the kids made the team via a tryout of 400 local kids just to be on a “storied team” with a great rep. I am not sure if it is the same in the philly area but back in the day it used to be the philadelphia little flyers. In upstate NY they had the syracuse stars. In Torotonto it was teams like the Toronto marlbors, Toronto red wings, wexford raiders….you would get hundred and hundred of kids to try out for the teams…these are little kids who are competeing like it is the nhl. Often these teams have like one or two superstars and then some decent second and third and fourth lines but what happens is the allstars play all the time and despite all the championships and clout the team gets the kids on the third and fourth lines rarely play and never get any better. It is my humble opinion that this is so fricken stupid. These are kids, let them play hockey and get good. Have a team with two lines so the kids play all the time, have a team where even the worst kids have to play so they must get better by playing. You would be amazed at how good a kid can get when he is allowed to play via a lot of icetime over the course of an entire season. I can only tell you from experience but I think that is how it should be done. If you want a kid to get good at hockey he needs to play (meaning get icetime) not be sitting on a bench on a winning team. I remember reading about a russian named kharlamov or something like that who played for the famous russian coach tarasov in the 70s or 80s. This guy was amazing and one thing the coach let him do while growing up was make him play entire games without ever getting off the ice. That is what hockey should be about for kids. Have you ever watched kids play hockey on a pond. They play for hours and hours doing creative moves and plays. Honing skills that if they only played 5 minutes a game they would never have the oppurtunity to practice. That is how I feel kids should play hockey. Just my opinion. Sorry for a the rantin and ravin.

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