If you’ve got a spare $100,000 lying around and are reading this website, you are probably OK with spending all that money on something basketball-related, just so long as it’s awesome. And though, as a Bulls fan, I might be biased, I’m fairly certain that this fits the bill — it’s the structural blueprint for the United Center’s Michael Jordan statue that everyone takes a picture with whenever they go to a Bulls game. And it’s on eBay.

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  • Item: Michael Jordan Statue Structural Blue Print Page
  • Size: 24″ x 17 ” (the frame adds a 1.5 inches to each side)
  • Description: The drawings are clear and readable, cheap frame, the blue print was poorly¬†glue’d onto a piece of cardboard, can see the swirl of the glue through the paper, paper has yellowed except where the glue swirls are


  • Payment: Paypal
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Local pick up only but will help if you are making the shipping arrangement

OK, so there are some obvious flaws with this — you have to pick it up in Manteno, IL and there is no reason you would ever want to go there besides this, there are some glue swirls on the paper, the frame sucks — but it’s totally worth it to have the blueprints to a statue of Michael Jordan wearing a pair of shoes he never wore for a game. Buy a nicer frame, hang it above the mantle and you’re straight ballin’.

And though it totally makes sense that such a thing would exist, I’m a little surprised it does. I guess I always just figured that the plans behind Michael Jordan’s statue were just something along the lines of, “Build a statue of Michael Jordan dunking and make it look awesome.” The statue accomplishes that pretty easily, but it does make a lot of sense that there’d be more planning than just one guy telling another what he’d like to see. This is why I’m not an architect, sculptor or city planner.

So just pony up the $100,000 and get a super cool, one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia. Literally no else will have this, so you’ll instantly have a leg up on all the other rich, eccentric Jordan fans out there. Just make sure you get a new frame because that one is bogus.

Couple more shots after the jump. Five Muggsys out of five, for all the Phenomenal Swag heads out there.

(via Aron Phillips)