Ep. 923: Hand Down, Man Down

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Metta World Peace’s suspension, Kobe’s dunk, D-Will vs. Nash, Pau Gasol’s injured right foot, the Rockets record three-point night, whether Mark Jackson was in the wrong for intentionally fouling, Return of the Dragic, the Grizzlies’ post-trade mojo, the Nuggets perimeter defense, Samuel Dalembert, and all of these 90′s throwback jerseys — Indy, Atlanta, Milwaukee.

All that, plus questions about All-Star Saturday Night “super participants,” legends we wish we could have watched, our NBA New Year’s resolutions, and, once again, Russell Westbrook: Is he a cat or a dog?


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  1. Why this player never works. I want to watch dagnit.

  2. Can someone explain why you even bother using the Lakers “swear jar” if you talk about them anyway? Surely the whole point is it’s a deterrent from talking about a sub-500 team every episode?

    • I think the jar helps with how much and how long they talk about the Lakers, versus if they talk about them at all. It would be silly if a daily NBA podcast went an entire episode without mentioning Pau’s injury or Kobe’s dunk just to save themselves a few coins.

      Or maybe the Lakers swear jar is merely a symbol of the way we don’t want to talk about something but do it anyway.

  3. I am a huuuge warriors fan and i HATED IT!
    It could also have been the other way round the warriors being an excellent sharp shooter team.
    So why not just acknowledge the better performance and next game they they take there chance to retaliate and put up a similar show?
    Sidenote: the taunting of the rookie was of course not cool at all! (Really got sick of young players not knowing how to behave!)

    • I’m a Warriors fan and I hated it as well. I thought it would be fun to watch the Rockets break the record. It was the only reason I was watching the end of that game.

      It was hard to listen to the homer broadcasters and postgame guys all agreeing that Golden State did the right thing and showed pride. It actually showed a lack of pride to behave that childishly and to show such poor sportsmanship. If they had any real pride last night, they would have buckled down on the perimeter D and tried to prevent the Rockets from getting the record that way. It was disappointing.

    • 100% agree. Warriors fan here. I kinda wanted the Rockets to break the record and get to 150 pts too. After that first half, you knew they were losing the game, so whatevs.
      If you’re upset they are making 3′s, play better defense! It was the same in that Clippers game just like James B noted below. These guys are professionals, and I understand they are upset they got pumped, but don’t be a lame-o, just get em back the next time.
      Next Tuesday is gonna be great.

  4. Mark Jackson is a certified douche. GSW absolutely crushed The Clippers twice earlier this season, and both times Curry, Barnes, West and the GSW bench made fools of themselves doing cartwheels and celebrating like they’d won the title. GSW then came into Staples Center for their 3rd meeting and The Clipps tuned them. Early in the 4th quarter, with the Clipps up by 25 or so, Jackson called time out, walked out into the center of the court, and stared down the Clipps’ bench with jaw clenched because VDN still had some of the Clipps’ first unit on the floor.

    GSW is a great team, I love watching them, but clearly they can dish it out but they can’t take it.

  5. JD’s comment seals it. Westbrook is a cat for sure.

  6. Great show,

    That was a great question today. about which player would you follow that you haven’t seen play.

    The two players I would had love to follow would had been
    Julius Irving, and Kareem, These two cats were just smooth and so good to watch playing. Dr. J just dunking over people, and Kareem Epic Sky hook torching centers.

  7. Chinese New Year is 02/10. So the guy was wrong…Unless Golden States is dubbing that night a celebration of Chinese New Year

  8. true plantar fascia story.
    robert harvey (afl legend…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Harvey_(footballer))
    decided his half-strained plantar fascia was too painful, so he jumped off a kitchen chair while tensing it so rip it completely and get it to heal quicker.

    pau should have done that.

  9. Lakers need to sign Dalembert if waived or trade for him now that Gasol will be out for a long time.

  10. I think you fellas need to put alot more money in the jar, you spoke about the Lakers for a good 10 minutes. You owe the jar some paper monies at least.

  11. I generally agree with you Skeets but you have been woefully mistaken on 2 points this week. First the stupid move by Butler and now the stupid Mark Jackson garbage. I don’t buy that nonsense about “having his guys’ backs.” Want to stay out of record books? Maybe try playing defense.

  12. Worth noting that Flynn’s scoring mark is attributable to the NBL playing the international, forty-minute game.

  13. I don’t trust Russell’s own opinion on whether he’s a cat or dog. We gotta get his teammate’s opinions. Isn’t Perk a country boy? He probably knows animals and wouldn’t worry about hurting Russ’ feelings.

  14. A player that can win all 3 events: James Harden

  15. A note about Dwight Howard and his shoulder injury:

    Torn Labrum’s are strange injuries. They affect people differently depending on if they are torn anterior or posterior. Some people can work through it, others it just hurts too much. Some people it hurts all the time, others just when you use your shoulder
    (sports). Raising your arms above your head is often one of the most painful movements (pretty important in Basketball).

    I tore my labrum in my shoulder about 7 months ago. I tired to rest it for a week or two, and then would go back to sports and it would be super painful again. For six months I tried a variety of remedies-rest, physio, anti-inflammatory, and cortisone shots. Nothing helped and I eventually got surgery done a 6 weeks ago. Rehab is a 6 month process.

    Dwight’s details about how it is torn have not been released, but i imagine he is in a lot of pain whenever he tries to play. ALSO-Torn Labrum’s do NOT heal on their own. Even if he “rested” it for 1 month, the nature of the shoulder labrum (attached to the bicep tendon and shoulder blade) means it cannot reattach/heal like a torn muscle or sprained ankle might. He needs to get surgery at some point, and he should (rightfully) take his career into consideration when thinking about when to do it. The Lakers cannot win the ‘chip this year, and might not even make the playoffs. It the Lakers go into another swoon, Dwight should really consider getting the surgery done immediately so he could be ready for the start of next season. If he waits until April when the Lakers are out of the playoff race or get swept by the Spurs/Thunder, and then gets surgery, he wouldn’t be fully healthy for the season to start next year.

  16. @Leigh – while “it’s the NBL” is a true statement re: low scoring, it’s also true the league follows FIBA rules and only has 40 minute games, which impacts it. that still doesn’t excuse wollongong only putting up 14 points in the second half last weekend against perth though…

  17. On Trey: spot-on Tecmo reference. Bunchy-shirt city.

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