FYI -- Chandler Parsons is 6-foot-9.

Ballin: Samuel Dalembert went LeBron James last night. That’s the only way to explain 35 points on 17-21 shooting, 12 rebounds, a block and two assists in just 27 minutes. I honestly do not believe this is real.

Not so much: Well, the Warriors gave up 140 points, 23 threes and had to resort to fouling to prevent an NBA record from being tallied against them, so I guess they had a pretty bad night.

Knee juice: Here is Kobe Bryant looking like early Kobe Bryant in sloooooooowwwwwwww mooooooooootioooooooon.

Kind of embarrassing for the Nets, but at least Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace got to enjoy a nice mid-air high-five.

Whoops: With 2:32 left to play, the Nets led the Lakers 83-82. They lost 92-83.

Looper: Is this “the shot of the century?”

We’re only 13 years in and this is a pretty great shot, but I feel confident in saying this isn’t the shot of the century. That honor still goes to this shot.

Don’t mess with the Zoran: Goran Dragic scored or assisted on 20 of the Suns’ last 22 points in their 6-point win over the Grizzlies, which is good. Steve Nash would have went 22 for 22 though. J/K.

Whoa: It is actually kind of insane to watch all 23 made Rockets threes.

Then, just to make things worse, Chandler Parsons zinged Mark Jackson on Twitter. Flawless victory.

Revenge: The Pacers beat the Hawks yesterday, 114-103. But the Hawks wore birds on their jerseys and the Pacers wore pinstripes, so who really was victorious?

Other things: If you’re interested in seeing Kobe’s dunk in full speed, go nutsDecent shooting chart for the Rockets last night … New Nike commercial for Kevin Durant — pretty good … Pau Gasol hurt his foot last night (strained plantar fascia, ouch) and will have an MRI today … Stephen Curry made a halfcourt bomb at the end of last night’s first half, but no one seems to care for some reason

Comments (20)

  1. That Chandler Parsons’ zing is top notch!

  2. check out john legend at the :36 mark on the kobe dunk video.

  3. Can an entire team be a WHOA BOY winner? Just the same way that an entire team should be WOTW :))

  4. Kobe Facial was just too good

  5. Vintage Kobe … just gets better with age.

  6. Man, those Denver announcers were annoying.


  8. Gallo got the fans their tacos on that shot, what a champ.

    • Nothing tops the Wizards giving way free chick fil a when an opponent misses 2 straight FTs.

      You can tell where a team is by their giveaways.

  9. it’s funny how kobe’s dunk in slow motion reveals how badly he traveled to get that kind of separation from wallace

  10. Loved the Steve Nash joke.

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