It’s a minor guarantee, but it’s still a guarantee. And personally, I wouldn’t vote against him. Especially because he’s supposedly got a super dunk on reserve that might make the world explode. From ESPN:

“Whatever I do is going to be new. It’s not going to be seen in the NBA dunk contest,” he said. “You’ve seen it maybe on YouTube, but you haven’t seen it on the NBA stage. You’ve seen windmills. Everything they do has to be with gimmicks, which is what’s making it corny.” [...]

“I have a dream of doing something, but I can’t tell you what it is,” he said. “I told some guys and they were like, ‘Nah, you can’t do that.’ Then somebody else brought up another one, and that’s a good idea. The dunk I’m talking about is crazy. I don’t think nobody thought of that. If they did, they wouldn’t think they can do it. It’s not too difficult, but it’s crazy. Somebody actually has to help on that one.”

Well, now that I know he’s not planning on bringing any props or having any gimmicks, I’m hesitant to support James White in his dunk contest endeavors. DeMar DeRozan knows what I’m talking about. In this day and age, it’s props or bust, which is just terrible.

Then again…

OK yeah, still pretty confident he can win this thing. Now all he has to do is actually be selected. Do the right thing, Dwyane Wade.

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  1. He better get selected otherwise there won’t be any reason to watch the contest, seeing that Nick Cannon is now hosting All Star Saturday instead of Ernie and Kenny.

  2. He’s dunking…WITH HIS FEET!

  3. I think White should reconsider the gimmick idea. Check this out…the bit starts with a dwarf dressed as David Stern with a fake Stern head on top of the dwarfs real head. Fake Stern wanders over to the free throw line and then James white Starts running at him from the far baseline, White jumps over him and rips off his head, fake blood sprays in a shower, White goes between the legs with the head and jams it, scores a 50, wins, last dunk contest ever, James White shipped back to Russia.

  4. I miss Jason Richardson, he was surely doing stuff no one did before.

    • Hallo Stefan,
      and exactly this is the big problem the dunk contest has and will always have…..everything physically possible has already been done.
      There won’t never exist something again that anybody hasn’t seen before. Especially in the times of youtube and co we all already have seen 720 dunk,…..

  5. bet he gonna jump from the ft line. like 5x

  6. DeMar didn’t get snubbed because he didn’t use props, he got snubbed because he wasn’t Blake Griffin.

  7. James White, Gerald Green, Shannon Brown and… and…. Aaron Gray.

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