This is pretty much just a video full of fouling, free throws and booing, which is pretty boring stuff. But if you go “Behind the Music” on it, you realize this might be the greatest intentional fouling since Gregg Popovich’s thumbs up moment. I’ll let Seth Rosenthal of SB Nation explain:

On Houston’s last few possessions, the Warriors assured there would be no more threes. Jackson knew full well the Rockets were hunting for the record [for threes made in a game], so he had his guys commit intentional fouls to prevent Rockets from even attempting to break the record. It worked. Houston couldn’t even pull a three-pointer in the final 1:58 and finished the game with 23 threes, tying the mark set by the Orlando Magic in 2009.

And that, my friend, is why the Warriors love Mark Jackson — because he always has their back. Sure, sometimes it means they get viciously booed on the road, but at least they’re not on the wrong side of NBA history. Next time, maybe they’ll pay him back by not giving up 23 threes.