This is pretty much just a video full of fouling, free throws and booing, which is pretty boring stuff. But if you go “Behind the Music” on it, you realize this might be the greatest intentional fouling since Gregg Popovich’s thumbs up moment. I’ll let Seth Rosenthal of SB Nation explain:

On Houston’s last few possessions, the Warriors assured there would be no more threes. Jackson knew full well the Rockets were hunting for the record [for threes made in a game], so he had his guys commit intentional fouls to prevent Rockets from even attempting to break the record. It worked. Houston couldn’t even pull a three-pointer in the final 1:58 and finished the game with 23 threes, tying the mark set by the Orlando Magic in 2009.

And that, my friend, is why the Warriors love Mark Jackson — because he always has their back. Sure, sometimes it means they get viciously booed on the road, but at least they’re not on the wrong side of NBA history. Next time, maybe they’ll pay him back by not giving up 23 threes.

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  1. holy shit that popovich clip is awesome.

  2. Mark Jackson’s doing his best Sadaharu Oh impression.

  3. WOTW for ruining the ending of the game. Just play D man! No need to show how defenseless your team is. They say it was about pride, but there is nothing prideful in what they did. Exactly the opposite. This is much more embarrassing. Very very WOTW – “We’ll stop you from getting the record, but since we cannot defend it properly, we’ll just stink it up.” And really – dont let the other team score 23 threes next time. Then no records could hurt your pride.

    • ^^ This.

      I was at the game, and it killed the enjoyment. If the Spurs get fined 250k for resting starters, Stern should move this team to Sacramento for this travesty.

    • This was all spurred by a bench player for Houston taunting the Warriors bench in the last couple minutes of the game. Why are you gonna give in to a team who’s staring down your bench and talking smack when they’re up 30. Sorry, after that the Rockets deserved it.

      • Trash talk/bench staredown happens every single game… so should every game turn into a free throw contest?

        This was just sad to see and an embarassing night for the GSW organization. At least JLin got to stick it to his former team.

      • So your play during the game cannot backup some trashtalking by your side, so lets just be dicks about it?!? Come on… Hacking bad foul shooters is one thing, they have a chance (a small one but still) to retaliate – hacking to prevent a three is just a dick move. No way for the opposing team to answer back.

  4. Bogut after the game tweeted-

    “C U Next Tuesday fellas!”


    C U N T

    Interesting way to get back at the Rockets.

  5. wat a buncha cunts

  6. Troll Master Mark Jackson

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