Ep. 924: Dead Man Coaching

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap all 13 games from last night’s loaded NBA schedule. Topics discussed include: What’s wrong with the Grizzlies, Wade’s inspired play, dense fog, Westbrook’s defense, the Mavericks’ forthcoming beards, the Raptors’ playoff chances, Wall, Bosnian air balls, and more.

All that, plus another round of NBA Hedbanz — the quick question game of “Who Am I?”


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Comments (18)

  1. I’ll tell you what draws your attention down from the face to the chest: that shirt. Holy mackerel. Either some kind of darts at work here or we got some real pups on our hands. Hey now!

  2. My prediction.. within 10 years, Skeets will replace Ernie Johnson on Inside the NBA.

  3. what /
    what is wrong with the grizz today?
    what’s wrong with the grizz today /
    whe teh neh teh neh neh neh

  4. Haven’t finished listening to the pod, but I did want to point out that Tas was wrong about the Western Conference Finals last year. After game 2, Thabo was the primary defender on Tony Parker. Brooks was getting slammed for not making that move after game 1.

  5. Trey “If you get it right, you’ll have to pay money”

    Skeets “The hints almost hurt you sometimes.. “

  6. Westbrook is a wolverine – The wolverine has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself. + he’s indestructible.

  7. Boy, you guys suck at that game.

  8. Skeets could NOT be worse at Headbands. It’s sort of impressive.

  9. Skeets, you are painfully bad at Headbandz.

  10. Why is it not posted on itunes yet? Just tried to download it and don’t see episode 924.

  11. Go ahead and Google “the dancing bear” while NOT at work… maybe Draymond Green didn’t get his nickname from basketball…

  12. I disagree that Harden does not play defense, he did a very nice job against James, probably best this season. James looked passive at times, standing in the corner and looking off passes because Harden guarded him so well.. Harden and Bradley would be an amazing defensive combo.

    Heat won the game with their team play. Wade was not a factor at the end at all, except for that rebound. He did make all his free throws, but that does not happen very often in playoffs.

    Harden is a smarter player than Westbrook. Overall OKC made a huge mistake in that trade. It will become apparent come playoff time.

  13. “deboo” game and skeets reaction lol, priceless.

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