Dirk's "beard"

We all know that the Dallas Mavericks (21-28) are in the midst of their worst season since 1999-2000, which wouldn’t be so bad if this season didn’t immediately follow their previous worst season since 1999-2000. So basically, after winning their first title, the Mavericks have turned in the two worst campaigns of the Mark Cuban era. Pretty discouraging, I’m sure, if you’re a Mavericks fan.

But don’t give up hope yet, Dallasers. The team has a plan to turn things around and I’m pretty sure it’s going to work. From ESPN’s Tim MacMahon:

Get used to Dirk with a beard. He’s one of several Mavs who have vowed not to shave until they get back to .500.

It’s like I always say — when in doubt, grow it out. It’s a time-tested theory for making your team in to a winner. Just look at the NHL. When is the last time a team won a Stanley Cup without a team full of beards? Exactly.

Not to mention, the Mavs have a bunch of solid beard guys already. Dudes like O.J. Mayo, Vince Carter and Chris Kaman have all looked really great in beards in the past, except for Kaman who was only included to make this in to a list of three. I’m not saying every Maverick that commits to bearding things up is going to look as great as O.J. and Vince but at least the other guys have facial hair role models they can look up to.

Really though, I’m just hoping that the Mavericks continue to be an average team and that it takes them a while to get back to even, mostly because I want to see Dirk with a giant beard. This might not be the best Mavericks season in recent memory, but it certainly could end up the most hirsute.

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  1. The best thing to come out of my Mavericks being terrible would be a bunch of ill-fitting beards. I just hope Darren Collison gets involved, so we can all snicker when he still doesn’t have any facial hair to show for it on Day 62.

  2. Considering they’re 7 games under .500, this could take a while.

  3. “except for Kaman who was only included to make this in to a list of three.”

    lol thought this was hilarious… and true.

  4. Next 5 games are GS, ATL, SAC, ORL, & NO. Looks like they picked a good time to start…

  5. I’d be surprised if Roddy Beaubois and Darren Collison manage a single wispy teenage pubestache between the two of them, those guys are serious babyfaces.

    I also have a hard time imagining Shawn Marion rocking anything shaggier than a pencil thin goatee/chinstrap, but it would be fun to see.

    Go Mavbeards!

  6. Surely this calls for some photoshop work, Trey?

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