Ballin: 36 points (on 16 field goal attempts), 12 rebounds, seven assists and three steals for James Harden. He’s just the third player this season to have a 35-10-5 line. Can you guess the other two? One is easy, one is a bit tougher but still gettable. Answer is below.

Not so much: Come on, Mirza. If you’re only going to take three shots while a crowd full of Bosnians is chanting for you, you should at least hit the rim on one of them.

Go route: You’ve seen fullcourt oops from the Heat before, but never off a jump ball.

How does this happen? Does this happen for any team that doesn’t have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade? How could the Rockets let this happen? I’ve got a few questions about this happening and some more about “The Happening” starring Mark Wahlberg, which is the only movie I’ve seen in the theatre where the whole audience laughs at how bad it is while it’s playing. Not even “Snakes On a Plane” got that response. But I digress.

Choosy moms: Take your pick of great Ricky Rubio passes — between DeJuan Blair’s legs or a super quick touch pass to Mike Jellyballs. Either one is a great choice. (We’ll also allow the time he sat in the stands as a valid answer.)

Huh: The Wizards beat the Knicks last night, which means that six of their 13 wins have come against the Heat, Thunder, Clippers, Bulls, Nuggets and Knicks.

Weather patterns: The Thunder beat the Warriors, thanks in small part to fog keeping Golden State from arriving in Oklahoma City until 4:30am. NBA players need their sleep.

Tall: DeAndre Jordan is really good at dunking.

On a scale from 1-10, how much would you want to see DeAndre in the dunk contest? After seeing him throw down an easy Vince Carter 360 in warmups last weekend, I’d go with an 8.

Typical: You are not going to believe this, but the Raptors lost another game by blowing another third quarter lead while losing another game’s fourth quarter by double-digits. I haven’t checked the stats, but that has to be the 1,000,000th time that’s happened this season. Has to be.

Quickly: The Cavs beat the Bobcats and Kyrie Irving went 5-5 from three. Moving on.

One more: The Hornets beat the Suns and Greivis Vasquez had another double-digit assist game. Moving on.

Turn back the clock: Vince Carter wants everyone to remember that he also used to be very good at dunking.

On a scale from 1-10, how excited would you be to see 36-year-old Vince Carter in the dunk contest? I’m at about a 2, just because I am slightly nostalgic this morning.

Crushing it: Following last night’s 19-point victory, the Pacers can take a bit of pride in knowing they’re the only team to play a back-to-back-to-back this season and therefore also the only team to sweep a back-to-back-to-back this season. Pretty impressive, especially considering two of the wins were against playoff teams and the third was against a team trying to squeak in to the postseason.

Step up 2 the streets: Three Hawks (Al Horford, Jeff Teague, Josh Smith) had double-doubles in Atlanta’s victory over the Grizzlies, but inside sources tell me only Smith’s spreadwings throwback jersey will be available in the team store. What up with that? What up with that? He won’t even be there in a few weeks.

Okereke: Five blocks in 17 minutes for Enes Kanter. To celebrate, he probably followed some porn stars on Twitter.

Other things: James Harden also rubbed his beard all over Ray Allen, so it was a pretty good night overall … Good seats still available for Sixers games … Cool paperclip headband, Jason Terry … John Wall is pretty fast … The answer to the trivia question up top is LeBron James (duh) and Paul Pierce