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On today’s Overdose, The Jones discuss the All-Star Saturday Night participants, Team Shaq vs. Team Chuck, two trade rumors — Bargnani-for-Boozer and Al Jefferson-to-the-Spurs — Pau Gasol’s foot injury, Dwight Howard vs. Kobe, Brandon Jennings’ agent swap, and a hypothetical email about liberating players.

All that, plus the Grizzlies, stylish sweaters, Thaddeus Young, HGH, vanity license plates, and beards.



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  1. Are there shows all next week even though its all star weekend

  2. If you guys could have mutumbo show up and do his signature finger wave after an embarrassment, who in this life would you choose and what embarrassing thing would you want? Great show much love, thanks for the laughs!

  3. What is the song to start the show. I love it.

  4. FYI – We’ve been told that the iTunes problem has been fixed, but it will take “a while” to update. In the meantime, you can download the show here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/thescore/podcasts/thebasketballjones

    Also if you’re subscribed on iTunes, the problem doesn’t affect you, and the show should automatically download when you hit refresh.

  5. totally off that celtics beat

  6. Worst pun gun ever

  7. Faried’s face be looking like Jamie Foxx’s Wanda from ILC…

  8. I gotta say, I’m think Kyrie is being massively overrated for the purposes of the Rising Stars Challenge. Yeah, he’s by far the best player in the game, but since he’s playing in the real All-Star Game and the 3-point contest, his minutes are going to be severely limited. Team Chuck FTW

  9. Good WotW. so whiney!

  10. Denver fan – If the rules extend that the player would be happy wherever he is, I would trade Gallinari to get Melo back. All during the Bulls game, even when they hit 100 by the end of the 3rd against the 3rd best defensive team, the question was who does the Nuggets have to turn to for the final shot. Melo has the best FG% in the last seconds of the game and our playoff problems would be solved.

  11. 3-team trade?
    Big Al



  12. I want to see Kevin Garnett on the Thunder. He is a) my favorite player, b) they are my favorite team due to the proximity to my house, c) he needs another championship before he retires.

  13. Any player to any team? Kyrie Irving to the Lakers…boner.

  14. I’d rather you lose the Laker jar and not talk about them AT ALL. It’s been like two straight month of the same thing. There are other NBA story lines that are interesting, you guys. The Dwight drama is played out.

    • Agreed, they put 5 cents in today and talked about “that team” for 15 minutes. Reminds me of the morning me and my family were let down by Skeets’ fradulent “gallon challenge.” I pour 2 liters of milk over my Cocoa Puffs every morning… please

  15. What is he feeling when he’s on top of the world?

    Kemba Groove

  16. Also, I ain’t sleeping on the REM pun. Nice work.

  17. DURANT on the RAPS!! any player to any team, we would be making his boyhood dream come true.

  18. That IIIIIIMANNNNN SHUMPERT drop gets me all the time. Great job guys

  19. Miami: Splitter
    Wolves:Stephen Jackson, James Jones
    Spurs:D.Williams, Luke Ridnour, Joel Anthony.

    Miami gets a quality big man and free up cap space

    Wolves trade Luke so they can get Barea, Ricky and Alexis minutes and give away D.Williams for to guys who can help them offensively and Stephen Jackson who is a good defender.

    Spurs Get Derrick Williams who is a athletic big who can help Duncan (imagine Tony Parker to Derrick WIlliam alley oops) and this helps them plan for the future. Lets face it after Manu and Duncan are gone theres going to be waytoo much pressure for Parker. They also get Luke who can really help take off a few minutes from Tony so he can be health for the play offs. Plus Joel is a great post defender who can help them out.

    I checked this trade on ESPNS trade machine and it worked. What do you guys think about it?

  20. What does lifeguard yell at Kemba at the pool?

    Kemba WALK… Don’t Run

  21. You guys should do one show as each other. Have Tas be Skeets and Skeets be Tas. Have Leigh be Trey and Leigh be Trey, etc. Dress like him, do his voice, and his job for one episode.

  22. A cool prop bet for your rec league would be the odds that Tassy’s natural chia sweater is revealed during a game. Opens at 160.

  23. Lol. The picture in my head when Trey was describing James White’s dunk celebrations.

    Since they have 6 guys in the dunk contest and they have to make things quicker; there should be less props and stuff. Took forever last time for them setting up the props and extra nets and stuff.

    Ricky Rubio shoulda been in the Skill Challenge.

    No reason why Raptors should make this trade. Boozer and Bargnani are both shit on D and the only things Boozer is better at than Andrea is rebounding. Bargnani is younger and if the Raptors would make a trade for Bargnani, they should trade for younger players/draft picks and cap space.

    Dwight feels like he doesnt need to play through his injury. They have a winning record ever since they start their “season” (again).

    If Kemba was in the movie “Meet the Parents,” he’d be Kemba Focker
    When Kemba tries to play like Chris Paul, he’s Kemba Mocker
    When Kemba’s daughter is crying, he’s Kemba Rockher
    Who’s Kemba Walker’s fav. player? Dikemba Mutombo
    If Kemba played in Atlanta, he’d be Kemba Hawker

  24. Kevin Love to the Rockets.

    Yeah, it’s my home team, but can you think of a better fit for the Rockets? He’s exactly what they need: an All-Star caliber stretch 4 who can clean the glass. Bonus points for matador defense. They’ll be like the ’82 Nuggets.

  25. Shot of the century: that Miami guy who hit that hook shot at half court

  26. As an avid dirk nowitzki fan I would love to see him come to Boston and pair with Garnett for a year or two. Also what character in Star Wars is he? Luke Kemba skyWalker

  27. Skeets… Derrick Williams has been unleashed by default because of injuries… and he sucks.

    • He can’t shoot — I’ll give you that. But his PER 36′s are decent.

      Also, while he’s gotten the start over the last little while, he hasn’t cracked 20 minutes per game in four of the last six games. That ain’t no “unleashed.”

  28. What’s Kemba’s favourite burger? A kemba “Whopper”

  29. Kyle Korver leads the leage in 3pt% and hold the NBA record of highest 3pt% in a single season. AND is about to break a record for his franchise of most games in a row with a 3pt shot made. I’m just saying.

  30. I could see Chicago wanting a Boozer-Bargnani. If I were Toronto I would only do it if Kleiza got thrown in, so the salary commitments would be closer – because getting rid of Bargnani’s millstone to take on an even bigger one is crazy. You guys talked up Boozer’s value then Trey talked again about how he doesn’t play in the fourth quarter, so how good can his value really be?

    The question for Raps fans is can you even get expiring deals for Bargnani at this point? I would guess no, so it’s probably smarter to play him and see if he can up his value before next season when he can maybe bring something back. Otherwise, I think the best they could do is something like sending him to Miilwaukee for Dalembert and Gooden or Udoh and Gooden, which leaves them with another terrible contract, but for not quite as long. Milwaukee might want another stretch frontcourt player since they have so many shot blockers, even though he’s similar to Ilyasova.

  31. Ideal trade: JaVale McGee to the Spurs (for Duncan?)… because furious Popovich is funny Popovich.

  32. Derrick Williams to Cleveland
    I just want someone to go the Kyrie Show.

  33. Guys, great show as always, but come on… not even a mention of KG’s 25,000 pts? (Unless I missed it, quite possible) What’s up with that? I get it’s the overdose, but this pretty rarely happens… say only 16 times in history

    Also, apparently he’s the only player in NBA history to have 25,000 pts, 10,000 rbs, 5,000 assists, 1,500 blocks, and 1,500 steals… that is insane.

    At least you can all sleep easy knowing KG more than likely, no definitely doesn’t listen to the show, otherwise I’d be locking myself in my apartment come April (next time C’s are in town) if I were you.

  34. You skipped us on the No Season Required Tour, but we in Houston are a forgiving bunch (when you’ve dealt with injury after injury you get numb to this sort of thing). Make sure to let us know on Facebook or the blog where y’all will be – we’d be psyched to grab a bite or drink with the TBJ crew!

  35. re: jennings’ all star hopes being hurt by playing in a small market. philly has 3x the population of milwaukee.

    i don’t know that he’d make it in a bigger city but there is a benefit to playing in a big city.

  36. My dream is anything that gets the Gasol bros on the same team

  37. The Jazz/Spurs trade rumor really makes even less sense for the Jazz. We know they’re frontcourt heavy, which is one of the big reasons Big Al is even being shopped (aside from his expiring deal). Splitter doesn’t make sense if the aim is (and it should be) to get Favors and Kanter more minutes. Mo Williams isn’t a very good point guard, and that’s really what the Jazz need–a guy who can get the ball into the post and create his own shot if need be. Before the Rudy Gay deal, I was really pulling for some kind of Jefferson or Millsap for Lowry deal, but Lowry’s clearly been given the keys to the Raptors, so that’s not happening.

  38. Shocked that nobody has made a Bargnani for Bennie the Bull joke.

    • why would the bulls want bargnani, pretty sure he’s a terrible mascot. unless you want your half time show to feature mostly songs about pasta.

  39. What is his favourite thing to do?
    Kemba stalkering if course

  40. Related to the shots of the century: http://fantasysports.blogs.sudouest.fr/archive/2011/12/18/les-tirs-les-plus-importants.html
    Ooookay it’s in french, but you can still look at a graphic, can you?
    Anyways, it’s only playoffs shots, only 7 seconds or less in regulation shots, last shots of the game, winning shots (no overtime clincher), and that’s about it.
    The calculation:
    - Round (7 points if in the Finals, 1.75 for 1st round)
    - Game (7 points for game 7, 1 for game 1)
    - Round state (7 points for a 0-3 deficit, 1 for the winning team leading 3-0)
    - Time left (7 points if at the buzzer, 0 if more than 7s)
    - Score (7 points for a winning 3 with team down 2, 4.7pts when an even score. Larry Johnson 4 point play gets 9.33. And my brain froze when I thought about this one)
    - Place (3.5 bonus if game is won on enemy territory)
    - Round clincher (if last game of the series)

    You are welcome to throw me rocks for having wasted some precious minutes of your time. But what you can do more, is try to find if I missed some shots. Whoever finds me a lost Robert Horry gem that I missed, I hang myself. But not before sending you a big thanks.

  41. Leigh MUST be banned from commenting on Dwight Howard. He exercises ZERO objectivity and his personal disdain for Howard clearly color all of his opinions and comments, regardless of the details or merits of the situation.

    The latest media bullying by Kobe is a prime example — with Leigh disparaging Howard, when Kobe is so obviously in the wrong.

    Kobe’s “drive” to win another Championship and better Michael Jordan (in his effort to make up for the fact that he’ll never be better than Jordan) has nothing to do with Howard. Kobe’s career is kaput in two years. If Howard’s smart, he’s got another decade to look forward to. As usual, Kobe’s got his head so far up his ass he can still taste breakfast.

    And you’ve got to be fucking kidding me with this nonsense about “the way the Lakers do things!?!” As any thoughtful NBA fan knows, “the way the Lakers do things” is “buying talent,” not playing through injuries (Shaq certainly ALWAYS put himself first). Always being in a position to pony up for the highest price tag players is pretty ratified air to breath…if you can afford it. Which few teams can.

    I’m so fucking disgusted with the notion the Lakers (and Kobe by proxy) are somehow entitled to a Championship. Many teams (Cavs, Nets, Nuggets, Pacers…) have never won, and many great players (Barkley, Reggie, Miller, Patrick Ewing, etc…) chased a Championship their entire career and wound up with ziltch.

    I LUV IT! when the Lakers fuck-up– especially with a high-priced “super-star roster” — it’s just so much well deserved humble pie for their smug, self-righteous fans and self-important yayhoos like Kobe.

    p.s. Is a sweater vest, over a collard shirt, acceptable according to the NBA dress code? #LetNoahRockaSweaterVest

    • @Marketing Expertise. If Dwight is injured, then he shouldn’t play. If he plays, then he shouldn’t sulk around the court as he did against the Celtics.
      Also, it should be his decision (in consultation with the doctors) to decide if he’s healthy enough to play.
      If he only played because Kobe called him out or whatever happened in the locker room, then he’s stupid. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but it certainly appears to have had some impact on Dwight’s decision. – Leigh

      • You’re criminally over simplifying the situation. As an Angeleno, I can tell you first hand, this is the BIGGEST MEDIA MARKET in the US and the Lakes are most media driven team I know of.

        Kobe, an enormous coddled baby, has repeatedly chosen to make his disputes with ownership, management, coaching staff and team public — instead of dealing with those parties directly. Wrong – wrong – wrong – wrong. Period.

        Moreover, I have a strong suspicion that if this were a player you favored, let’s say Tyson Chandler was taking this abuse, you’d be singing a very different tune. Or what if it were 25yr Leigh Ellis playing center for the Lakers, constantly being publicly abused by Kobe? I think your perspective would be quite different. Point being, you lack objectivity on this subject.

        It’s certainly conceivable a player in pain plays because the team’s “veteran leader” (who’s convinced he’s the second coming of Jordan) bullies him into doing so. And of course that would impact his play, not to mention open up the possibility of further injury, compromising his future.

        I can’t honestly believe you are naive enough to think a player can’t be bullied (by another player) into doing something that’s not in their best interest?

        All of that being said, I really appreciate your emotional connection and reaction to the players — I’m the same way! (that’ prolly the basis of my reaction to your comments)

      • Also to Leigh — I guess I should send in money for the Lakers swear jar after my titanic rant.

        How much do you think is fair?

        • @Marketing Expertise: You’re on the hook for at least five bucks. Minimum!
          In the summer, Dwight was in too much pain to be able to fly to Orlando (from LA) to attend his own kids basketball camp. Miraculously, he recovered just in time to make a 13-hour trip to China for an Adidas sponsored event just two weeks later. It’s for instances like that which make me question his toughness.
          It’s true that I don’t like him. I used to absolutely LOVE him until he make a complete idiot of himself with the way he sulked out of Orlando. There is no doubt that when he is healthy and switched on, he impacts the game like few other players can. I truly hope that he can recapture that form and dominate for a few years, there’s no doubt he’s capable.
          But, in the meantime I would like him to stop feeling sorry for himself and just play. – Leigh

  42. What is Kemba Walker’s favourite T.V. show?

    Kemba Walker, Texas Ranger

    Also Kyrie Irving’s nickname should be “Kyrie mon” pronounced in a Tasesque Jamaican accent.

  43. Something that really frustrates me about sports is the demands that we place on our players to not discuss their troubles, weaknesses. Derrick Rose was criticized over the last two years as he candidly discussed injuries (before the ACL tear) with reporters. Though his answers were classic DRose, reporters seem unsettled by his succinct answers in one interview I can remember of (paraphrasing) “it hurts” and “I don’t know when it’ll be better.”

    Dwight doesn’t get a lot of room for error here considering his previous media and personality transgressions, but I feel he should be able to openly say that he’s not 100% and to reveal his mortality. And, we as consumers who demand that these products perform to our satisfaction, must understand that these players are people first and they have problems. They can break down. They’re paid millions of dollars to play hurt, but they still hurt.

    To, Leigh, I’m sure Dwight would sit if he could do that without the social costs of doing so. He’s put into a compromising position, and he wouldn’t be saying anything if he didn’t have a microphone in his face. It’s mentally grating, playing hurt while observed a bunch of fans and critics who assume that you as a player owe the fans, league, media way more than you actually do. Players should be allowed to discuss these injuries just as other interests use terms like “medically cleared” to put Dwight in a position where he plays though he’d prefer not to. And I know the TBJ staff is not an offender in this case or the one I’m about to put forth, but these players are only talking because the reporters are asking the questions. If there was no media, how much would you actually hear about this stuff? And because people want definitive answers even when it’s not possible to get one of substance, people speculate on percentages of condition as if a person could gauge when they’re 75% as opposed to 80%.

    I feel to often the most “human” athletes are the ones we mock as they challenge this idol worship and ubermensch archetype we’ve put these players in. The media needs a product to sell, and it’s tough to see other people out there creating stories criticizing what is ultimately a product, an output of the system in which they’re running.

    • if there was no media how would you watch the nba? you’d watch crappy regional events with players who are slightly better than yourself, at best. it’s part of the buisness.

      dwight seems to have no opinion of his own except for “I want to make everybody happy”. he could just be hurt and not comment on anything, people are hurt all the time. but instead he just says he’s hurt then plays and whines about his career and how he’s at 70% or whatever.
      people aren’t annoyed by his non-übermensch-y-ness, they’re annoyed that he can’t seem to fucking decide on / to ever commit to anything.

      • Hear Hear! While pro athletes are certainly rare physical specimens, but they are by no means Gods, and shouldn’t be up on a pedestal.

        Like Barkley said in the old days: “I’m not a role model.”

  44. Oh, and my fantasy draft is moving LeBron onto the Clippers obviously, but most of my dreams at night actually involve dumping Butler’s contract and Bledsoe for Iggy.

  45. I fully sympathize with your general annoyance with Dwight, but I think you’re being a little unfair with your comments that players should just play if they’re playing hurt, without telling us that they’re hurt. I think that would be a reasonable position if fans and media members gave under performing players some benefit of the doubt that injury might be the explanation. Maybe I’ve missed it, but I don’t see this happen too often. In fact, often the coverage goes the other way, and makes some pretty horrifying explanations for the issue. Remember when Yao wasn’t good because he was Chinese, and that culture was too docile and communal for him to dunk on people? Later we found out he needed surgery on his toe and could barely push off one foot. Remember…oh, I dunno, a month ago when Pau (maybe this only happens to guys whose names rhyme with ow?) was crap because he was old and he’s sensitive and he pouts when things aren’t going his way? Now we know he’s been playing the whole year on one foot.

    Again, I completely agree that Dwight needs to reevaluate his sense of his own media relations abilities. However, it seems grossly unfair to expect players to ignore reality. So often when they play hurt, we question not only their play, but their effort and personal character. How is it reasonable to fault them for letting us know that they are playing at less than 100% (yes, I’m getting paid by the number of different ways I describe “hurt”)

    As for Dwight, van Gundy has had interviews, including the BS Report where he talks about him playing hurt that last year in Orlando, and how you couldn’t question his on court effort. And that was a situation when he had a lot less personal incentive to play hurt than he does now. I think it’s fair to point out that he is a whiner, but what evidence we have seems to suggest that his inner (and outer, I guess) whiner compromise his on court effort.

    Great show, as always.

  46. Thanks for the Strangers with Candy audio drop, JD.

    I’m gonna make your pinky all stinky.

  47. If he was a lion who would he be?
    Simba Walker

    What’s his favourite dance?
    Samba Walker

  48. I’d like to see D. Williams on the Rockets. They play so fast, and with Lin and Harden penetrating so much, he’d get some space. He needs to be a Power forward in a small lineup like he was at Arizona to succeed. Big dunks, lots of 3′s-a great situation for D Williams.
    For my homer trade-I’d like to see the Warriors get Dwight Howard, injured or not. Dwight with Curry and Klay spotting up would be deadly. Him and Lee would play well together too. Landry, Bogut, and Barnes for Dwight. There isn’t any 2014 money except Barnes rookie contract. Who says no?

  49. Demarcus Cousins to San Antonio. He’s the kind of guy that would really benefit from having a great coach, and Pop has shown he has a knack for turning around unruly guys with Stephen Jackson. Demarcus has also expressed admiration for Tim Duncan before, so Timmy would be a great mentor for him.

    And also either KG to San Antonio, or Duncan to Boston. I’d just love to see those two going to work next to each other.

  50. Durant to Sacramento/(Seattle), seems like justice.

  51. What does he do when a pane is loose in his window?

    Kemba Caulk ‘er

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