Kobe Bryant: Human Snake

There’s not much to say about this, so I feel like you should hear it straight from the source. Here’s Jordan Crawford explaining the sounds Kobe Bryant makes when he plays, courtesy of the D.C. Sports Bog:

On Kobe Bryant’s noises: “When I first played with Kobe — they call him the Black Mamba — but then he was doing like a little snake sound when he wanted the ball. It was crazy. It was crazy. It’s like tsssss, tsssss. ”Like Fish, Fish, Fisher, tsssss, tssss.” He do that. Everybody tells you he’s gonna do it before you play him — like, ‘Wait till you hear him do this.’ And then he [does] it, and it’s like, what? He’s really a mamba. It sounds like some kind of snake.”

Up until about five minutes ago, I hated Kobe Bryant’s self-prescribed nickname. Now though, I think it’s kind of brilliant. He literally acts like a snake when he’s playing, if only because he gave himself a snake nickname. I always knew Kobe would be a Slytherin, but I’d have never guessed he can speak Parseltongue. Truly amazing.

(via Marcel Mutoni)