Probably missed the bell.

Ballin: Of all the Nuggets who scored a ton of points against the Bulls, I’m probably most upset with Wilson Chandler. The Transponster went 5-5 from three, which is kind of a jerk move when you consider he went to college in Chicago. Take it easy on your adopted hometown, man. I’m sure you had some nice memories.

Not so much: Speaking of all those Nuggets scoring, the 128 points the Bulls gave up was their most since March 2010.

Fast and Furious: Here are the Celtics going all Dominic Toretto on the Lakers.

This is when I stopped paying attention to this game.

Enjoy it: Remember when Kobe Bryant was a passer who could have been the best point guard ever? Last night he had zero assists, which feels a lot more natural than his obviously for-show dumpoffs for dunks.

Cripes: JaVale McGee sure does dunk a lot.

Another guy who dunks a lot is Kenneth Faried, so that’s fun to watch at night.

Dr. Rosenpenis: After Kobe Bryant, M.D. shamed him in to playing with a hurt shoulder, Dwight Howard took the court wearing a black Ed Hardy undershirt and scored nine points on eight shots while grabbing nine boards and blocking zero shots in just over 28 minutes. Basketball is probably easier with two arms, but what Kobe wants, Kobe gets.

Milestones: For about the 16th time this season, an NBA player reached an absurd career record. This time it was Kevin Garnett getting his 25,000th career point.

Fitting that his big points came on a fadeaway jumper, and even more fitting that he followed this up with some solid interview work with Craig Sager.

Other things: All the All-Star Saturday night competitors were named last night and they’re all perfect … Steve Nash has still got it … Blake Griffin is pretty mean to Chandler Parsons … Last night’s “Shaqtin’ A Fool” …  JaVale McGee’s mom could kill us all

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  1. Bonner UP!

    i miss magic bryant

  2. Did someone say my name?

  3. Matt Bonner needs to win this for the internet. Hopefully he will do something along the lines of Brent Barry’s crip walk.

  4. RE: Magic Bryant

    I saw Kobe on last week against the Wolves. The reason he was so effective at assists is that 3 defenders would switch to him whenever he faked a shot. Everybody knows Kobe will take tons of shots, so defenders were instinctually leaving their men wide open to all rush to jump at Kobe. From there, Kobe could make a really easy dime to the open man. The man’s reputation helped him get all those assists.

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