Ep. 926: Mid-Career Form

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs (way) up for: LeBron James, a Honduras man named Adolfo, everyone involved in the Rudy Gay three-way deal (Raps, Pistons, Grizzlies, and the Internet’s sad Tayshaun Prince fan), the Nuggets-Celtics triple overtime thriller, the loyal Sacramento Kings fanbase, and Willie Green’s bench seat. Thumbs down for: the Laker$ 4-and-3 road trip, Dwight Howard Sr., Lil Wayne, the struggling Golden State Warriors, and Jason Sudekis.

All that, plus the Hawks-Nets trade rumor, Frank Ocean, John Salley, and the triumphant return of Matty O!


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  1. Upton gets the cover of SI Swimsuit issue, but can’t get the rating on here?

  2. “He had like fifty different beards in cloud atlas”………”thanks for that stat”


  3. Just wondering if anyone else always has the problem where the feed suddenly stops, and I have to restart from the beginning and jump to where i was? Seems to happen to me three or four times everytime i listen. I’m on Chrome, in case that is an issue.

    • i was when using the embedded player in chrome. i have been listening off the feedburner link and haven’t been having that issue anymore…

    • i click on the download .mp3 directly link – then click on the episode name hyperlink and it plays from within that window

  4. You have no idea how happy this makes me!
    I figured since it’s a Holiday that there wouldn’t be anything new but I was just gonna listen to the Overdose again while I put around.

    Just realize it’s BC family day. Suckeerrrrsss

  5. btw, they definitely gave Jason Sudeikis his own camera time before they showed Olivia Wilde.

  6. That horizontally striped shirt ain’t helpin’ but has a nice cat in the hat quality to it. Any Drummond implications for the bet with everyone’s buddy Grish?

  7. Bobcats can’t trade Gordon for Humphries cause he’s already in his entourage.

    Also, we are waiting for that shirtless picture you promise. Can’t believe Serge didn’t comment on that.

  8. for some reason I would even enjoy dwight howard just signing with this current hawks team, providing they’d wear those underrated stacey augmon era jerseys constantly (with the occasional old ‘nique era jersey thrown in for special occasions). I never cared about the hawks other than mookie and the plastic man being a cool backcourt duo for maybe like 5 weeks, but I enjoy the image of dwight, j-smoove and.. meh ok actually only those two. but imagine them blocking every single freakin shot while playing in those jerseys:
    the hawks might actually be fun! and they’d sure have 1 hell of a front court.

    but since that’ll never happen anyway I’ll just support the #livedrops movement.

  9. Live drops are a massive improvement on regular drops

    • Loved the live drops. If they can’t all be permanently live, would settle for Matty O’s Bill Walton.

  10. Hawks need to trade J Smoove for a young talent and a big expirer. No need to add salary.

  11. For the next TBJ soundboard you have to include a drop that you played last week… I forget which player was talking to Leigh Ellis, but he said something like “You, you make me feel good…”

    It was pretty funny. Who was that again ?

    • Johnny Flynn was/is the player.

      • Yes that was hi-larious. That drop should get way more play in the future. I know what Johnny Flynn was talking about, Leigh Ellis’ Aussie chatter puts a smile on my face. I see you’ve played knifey-spooney before!

        • I like you. You make me feel good.

          • I know, right? The Raptors should totally sign this guy. He doesnt even have to play basketball for us. But it would totally make him feel good.

  12. As for the Lakers’ post-season prospects: someone now sitting outside the Western eight will make it; the Jazz are a sinking ship and their current playoffs spot is definitely up for grabs. They’ve just finished scraping through a home-heavy slate with cupcakes aplenty, playing a near unwatchable brand of – in both senses of the word – offensive basketball, and they remain a terrible defensive team. If Mo Williams and Gordon Hayward miss another, say, fifteen games combined, it’s hello lottery – lock it in. Meanwhile Favors (who increasingly looks a bit too dim), Enes Kanter and Alec Burks are being retarded in their development by the coach/management.

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