See? Way taller.

Did you know the Miami City Ballet and the Miami Heat are the same age? Me neither, but they’re both 25 which means they can legally rent a car the next time they take a spring break trip, so that’s cool for them.

Also, because they share a birth year and are teams of athletes, they took pictures together and said some quotes that are funny because it is LeBron James and Dwyane Wade saying them. Here are those quotes:

“It’s always good for our fans to see something different out of us; to see us interact in a different way,” said Wade. “We feel at times we’re like graceful dancers in the air so it’s good to put the two worlds together. Miami’s about versatility—the whole culture. It’s good that we can bring that into sports.”


“It’s very artsy,” said James of the endeavor. “It’s great to have a couple of pictures with them in their poses—poses I’d never be able to get into!”

Two takeaways from this: 1) Dwyane Wade sometimes feels that he is a graceful dancer in the air; 2) LeBron James isn’t good at getting in to ballet poses. So there you go. As LeBron says, very artsy.

lebron-james-ballet-dancers dwyane-wade-ballet-dancer

(via Dance Spirit)

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  1. How have we not photoshopped Pilgrim Kobe in these yet?

  2. while most of those look like shit, for some reason the first picture of lebron and the dancer has a reeeeaaally sexual vibe. even though lebron tries to look like a super nice guy, making a “good old friend of the family” kind of face, basically the first thing I thought when I saw that was something along the lines of “oh my god I can totally see them getting it on and he would D E S T R O Y her.”

  3. I wonder if Lebron and Wade smashed after the shoot.

  4. No Chris Bosh photobomb?????

  5. ^^^^^^^yup my thoughts exactly. DEstroyed .

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