Ep. 927: Showcase

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Josh Smith’s three-pointers, O.J. Mayo’s backbreaking turnover, whether the Mavs will be busy this trade deadline, Jeff Pendergraph, the Pacers final play in regulation, Danny Granger’s forthcoming return, “superstar” Kawhi Leonard, and the difference between Pop and Thibs.

All that, plus All-Star Game replacements, the best bromance in the NBA, and what we should buy Michael Jordan for his 50th birthday next week.


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  1. First to comment, do I get a hug from Trey?

  2. My best bromance is also the most unlikely: Z-Bo and Marc Gasol.

  3. Skeets said that the Jazz are the only team in the top 10 out west without an all star. Nuggets don’t either.

    • Shit. Good call.

      C’mon, Leigh! Step your game up!

      • Whoah. I usually have my name up as Kevin when i comment and I was about to say the exact same thing until i saw this. I was actually really thrown off cause i wasn’t sure if i already commented. This is come inception shit. Lol

  4. Kawhi Leonard has only taken 0.3 shots from 10-15 feet this season … I don’t like that stat, Leigh!


    • While I concede that it’s not many shots he taking from that range, Tassie, he’s still knocking them down at an incredibly improved rate. That’s still progress.

  5. Lakers tip jar needs to go to paying for the drops!

  6. Best bromance is Parker and Duncan. That’s true everlasting love.
    Also,don’t forget Kobe and Dwight. Had to do it. I’m sending you a $ for a jar

  7. single digit comments? no way. guess I’ll have to weigh in on the bromance thing to justify the comment-stat-padding… but there’s not a lot left to say! blake deandre was a nice one, also bron and wade and parker/duncan – so I’m going with a duo I mentioned in yesterday’s comment section, two guys that have yet to play together in the nba but pretend to be best pals from high school days: j smoove and dwight. prove it!

  8. Tim Hardaway and John Amaechi?

  9. Lakers tip jar suggestions (assuming it will go to some kind of charity):

    Organizations that support/promote
    - communication skills
    - team building
    - mentoring in a healthy way
    - team-building
    - those “group hug” type of team dynamic analysis (what shape/colour are you, etc)
    - and so on

  10. Before 2/9 Warriors game, Mavs starting lineup sporting beards.

  11. disappointing that Chandler’s boy couldn’t manage the live drops today, btw live drops could make a good book off pay off

    great stuff by Tas with the Mobley and Francis reference

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