Hey girl.

Ballin: Haha, Byron Mullens. 25 points and 18 rebounds and 4-5 from three? Look at you, Byron. You’re really doing it.

Not so much: My wife got home from volleyball as the Bulls were pulling to within one, 76-75, with 9:51 remaining in the fourth quarter. They proceeded to lose those next 10ish minutes by 13 points. Nice jinx, wife.

Ramon noodles: If we look deep in our hearts, I think we all knew the Celtics’ 7-game win streak would come to an end because of a Ramon Sessions jumper.

It’s almost exactly as the prophecy foretold, except for I don’t think there has ever been a prophecy involving Ramon Sessions. He’s not so much “The Chosen One” as “The Ended Up With One.” Still though, killer shot.

Efficiency?: Ryan Anderson went for 31 points in 31 minutes, which is already the second time this season he’s gone for 30 or more points without taking a free throw. Only four other players have accomplished that this season.

Johnson noodles: Here’s Joe Johnson doing his best Ramon Sessions impression.

Too small, George Hill. Too. Small.

What the Zell?: All five Timberwolves starters were in double-digits in their win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, who had four of their own starters in double-digits. The one jerk starter who couldn’t pull it off? Tyler Zeller, who finished with zero points in 25 minutes. Derp.

Wolf: Hey, O.J. Mayo — there’s a guy behind you and he’s stealing the ball from you and … oh farts.

On the plus side, at least it’s not as bad as the last time a Dallas player got run down from behind.

Addendums: The Clippers beat the 76ers by 17 and the Wizards beat the Bucks by 12. Dunks were dunked.

Other things: Leandro Barbosa hurt his knee and is probably out for the season. Ugh for the Celtics … WHY IS PAU GASOL’S LEG SO BIG???? … Avery Bradley chasedown block, for the ladies … Here is Mike Bibby getting kicked out of his son’s high school basketball game … A Jonathan Abrams profile on Shaun Livingston, if you’re so inclined