Ep. 928: Qualifying Greatness

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss whether LeBron’s 30-points/60%-shooting streak is a record that matters, Chris Bosh’s best game this season, LMA touches, the Warriors’ suddenly pathetic defense, Kevin Durant’s first flagrant foul of his career, Big Al and Millsap outplaying Ibaka and Perk, Rudy Gay’s game-winner, and DeMar DeRozan Mozgov’n Mozgov. Damn!

All that, plus a Grandma Lana call, a fantastic Dunk Contest idea, Derrick Rose, and current NBA players’ names you could use in a sentence.


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  1. Tas mispronounced ‘Oregon’ around 3:35. Not disappointed about it. Just a little sad.

    • i had a girlfriend who used to go to oregon during the summerss and she would tell me they pronounced it like that. then i moved to portland a few years later and i’ve never heard anyone in oregon pronounce it that way there.

    • Why the hell would I say Oregon during this episode? (Pronounced Ore-GUN, of course).

  2. agree with TREY. it’s not a record. it’s a streak. it’s a cool feat (although i do it in nba 2k13 like every game), but not something that will go in the “record books”. there are single game records, single season records, career records… not 6-game records. get that weak stuff out of here.

    • Exactly, it’s not like Wilt scoring 100 in a game, or Oscar averaging a triple-double for a full season, or Tiny leading the lead in scoring and assists for a full season.. those are records.

      By the way, which one of those do you think is most likely to be done again?

    • 60% just seems like way too much of an arbitrary threshold to consider for a record. Has anyone ever thought “He had a good game, but did he shoot over 60% from the field”? His streak is impressive for sure, but it’s more of a trivia answer than a record.

    • On that same note, I wouldn’t really consider Oscar’s triple-double season a record either. It’s a hell of an impressive feat – but it’s not a record.

    • agreed. great achievement, not a record.

      • If it is the most or least of something, it is a record. On the other hand, it might not be interesting, but it is still a record.

    • Yup-Trey nailed it. It’s a statistic, not a record. There are single game records (wilts 100, kobe 81, skiles 30 assists, wilts 55 reb, etc), season long records (Wilts avg 50.4pts, 27 rebs/game, stockton 14.5 assists/game, etc) and career records (kareem 38,000 pts, stockton 15,000 assists, etc). Everything else is just a (sometimes interesting) statistic.

  3. Never doubt your Grandma guys!

  4. If you’re tweeting while dunking, you gotta have Hendrix playing while you dunk and tweet “Excuse me, while I kiss the sky!”

  5. grandma lana is definitely a grandma–she’s just hip as hell. any grandma that watches the nba religiously must have a certain amount of flair.

  6. Tas is such a debbie downer any time he talks about the rapts…. ‘ Listen, don’t take anything away from the rapts but don’t get your hopes up… ever.’

    • it’s a form of self-preservation probably. i go into every charlotte game expecting a loss, and about every 15th game i get a pleasant surprise. granted, that’s not quite the same.

    • Raps are gonna win the championship! (Crap, gave away my Finals tickets).

    • I agree that Tas seems a bit bitter any time he has to talk about the Raps specifically Rudy Gay lol. Not sure why but he’s entitled to feel however he wants to.

      Personally i still like that they were able to aquire Rudy. I wish they could have gotten him a bit sooner then maybe we’d be closer to the playoff picture. without question though the Raps are much more fun to watch theses days and are finally moving in the right direction.

      Great show today guys!

      • We aren’t building a team that can beat Lebron or KD no matter what pieces we get so lets at least be competitive for a while to make things interesting

  7. I loved the Andray Blatche word replacement.

    I gotta Melo out of this situation…. Isolate. BOOM!

    • I agree on a day getting Blatched.
      Nick Batum is always talking to himself on the court, nodding his head, grimacing, etc. So whenever my wife or I catch the other making a weird face or physically reacting to some internal thought we say ‘hey, you’re Batuming.’

    • The Pippen is based on one of my friends watching a game in the 90′s in which Pippen shoots a 3 and the commentator says “Pippen for 3″ He missed it but it just stuck.

  8. Sports are all turning into baseball stat wise. You can’t evaluate all these records as we used to, we never payed attention to them before because they weren’t so readily available to us. Stats are changing therefore records are changing. Or being made aware of.

  9. The best tweet dunk would be a self alley-oop: 1. throw the ball high in the air, 2. type ‘DUNK’ and send out tweet while the ball is in the air and bounces, 3. dunk the ball.

    Showcases both dunking and typing ability.

  10. Derozan dunk was just sick.

    Great question. Who would I love to have healed up immediately. Gotta be K Love

    Dude is a double double machine. Plus the Twolves when healthy are a great team to watch

  11. Hey Tas, loudest arenas are still Rose Garden and ESA last I heard.

  12. In terms of current NBA players’ names you could use in a sentence, I dunno why you guys didnt bring up a good one which you have used a lot before. When you need help from somebody you say “can you do me a derrick favors and…..”

  13. best “NBA players names” skit is from the Chappelles show season 1.
    I can only remember the Paul Pierce one- for when you get stabbed multiple times…

  14. is it just a modern record? did they keep the same stats in the russel/chamberlin era? chamberlin had entire SEASONS shooting around .700 didnt he?

  15. Life’s a Blatche!

  16. james white tweet” freeeeeeeeeeeethrooooooowliiiiiiiiiine” …stretched out to 140 characters

  17. Cant believe there was no reference to manu the poo god in the bit about using players names in every day life. ie “i gotta go take a manu”

  18. one of my roommates in college would regularly refer to scratching his balls as “Nash-ing”, because he was “ball handling”

  19. I’m a Celtics fan, and I would probably pick Rondo. But it would be a genuinely difficult decision. I miss Rose so much it hurts some time.

  20. A pitch to build on the tweet dunk: Snap a self pic right as you throw it down and tweet that. Or Vine-ing the entire thing. The Six-Second Dunk.

  21. I’m getting really worried about the Warriors. This is not the team that started the year. that team was winning games in the 90′s, hustling on defense, and rebounding the poop out of the ball. Now? Same old defenseless reboundless Warriors, except they are overconfident and feel they should win when they step on the court.
    To borrow a phrase from Jim Harbaugh, Fredrick P Soft crept up on this team. All the sudden he is just chillin’ in the locker room whispering in Curry and Lee’s ears “Don’t worry guys, if you shoot well, you’ll win. Bogey is back there, he’ll take care of the defense. Save your energy.”
    I hope they take this break to get back to tough basketball. I don’t know what they need to do, but I hope Jackson can get this team focused again.

  22. I would resurrect Yao, I know he’s retired now but imagine that team with a healthy Yao it would be crazy

  23. I love Tas deadpanning “We call them … the Specials”


  24. You meet a drunk girl at a bar that’s all over you, yet you pass her onto your buddy. That is called a “Rondo”. Passing on a easy score for an assist.

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