Travel day for TBJ today, so posting will be pretty light. We’ll still have a live episode of The Fix at 11am ET, but there won’t be much besides that until tomorrow.

However, once we get ourselves situated in Houston, you can keep it locked on TBJ for some audio shows, some videos, some predictions, some random posts and who knows what else we can find. Basically just a whole bunch of All-Star stuff throughout the weekend.

Normal posting resumes next Wednesday, but we’ll be pumping stuff out all weekend, so update your bookmarks and limber up your refresh finger. It’s going to be great.

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  1. Ask westbrook if he considers himself a cat or a dog

  2. No OD this week?

  3. Y’all (that’s right, welcome to Texas) need to try Bombay Pizza in down town Houston while there…delicious stuff.

  4. Hmmm looking at you guys preparing for the Fix…. Why don’t you get those tiny earpieces that news presenters have, instead of those huge headphones? Feels like a TV taping of a radio show hah :)

  5. screw bombay pizza, you should go eat at underbelly and then drink at the haymerchant. Also, check out Moon Tower Inn. Seriously incredible hotdogs from a variety of game meats with awesome toppings.

    • Star Pizza is there it’s at. Moontower is indeed the shit — Dr. Pepper Carmalize Onions on a moon doggie is the way to go.

      Also, drop by Big Star for an adventure.

      You guys need to do a fan meet and greet! Let me buy my favorite podcast a round of drinks!

  6. Amazing photo… bald Nene e Manu with hair

  7. Too bad Big Baby Davis won’t be on hand this time around

  8. nene kinda looks like kyrie irving in that picture

  9. Why is Ginobli’s arm bleeding..?

  10. Agreed. Awesome picture. The video of JRich bouncing the ball off Boozer’s head the previous year would’ve also been acceptable. =)

  11. You guys should check out Maple Leaf Pub, Houston’s take on a Canadian hockey bar

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