Remember the zany, zipup Air Jordan XX8 that Russell Westbrook debuted back in December? Well, they come out this weekend, in honor of both the All-Star Game and Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday. This is the official Jordan Brand commercial for the shoe, which is pretty weird to see on a silent television in a Mexican restaurant in Houston.

Pretty fun to watch in the morning though. Especially because we get to see Westbrook in what I imagine has to be his ideal basketball uniform.

russell-westbrook-crazy-uniform-closeup russell-westbrook-crazy-uniformGood ad. Kind of reminds me of an update on the classic Nike Freestyle commercials from the dark ages, mixed with the score from “Inception” and a Battles music video. Which is to say, fairly crazy. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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  1. Westbrook’s uni is crazy. But who are the other guys in the ad apart from him and Blake? Can’t quite figure.

  2. didn’t really like it.
    If they’re gonna have MJ solemnly delivering one of those over dramatic speeches … it shouldn’t be to circus music.
    I like the standard over dramatic ones

  3. seriously the question at the end blew my mind..

  4. Hey Trey do you know if they will eventually start selling that outfit Westbrook is wearing? Because those shorts do look awesome, if you combine them with a plain black shirt or something..

  5. “Hey guys, do you mind if I bring my own uniform from home for this shoot?” – Russell Westbrook

    • like Jordan wanting to wear his collection for the McDonalds “Horse” spot with Larry Bird. Which is similarly out there. Actually, I like the rainbow pixel pattern, but the Jordan parallels make me fear what a retired Russell Westbrook will be wearing in 2035

  6. I like it. The very brief surreal marching band cameo makes it.

  7. I wish Russell was wearing that uniform on his cover of SLAM.

  8. It’s weird to see Russ in such toned-down clothing

  9. Rus clothes look like they’re pixelated, nice effect. Blake should stick to Kia and Rus should join Big Baby and do a Pampers ad with all the crying they do

  10. Corporate-sponsored interpretational art? Nnnno.

    Apple’s 84 ad is the only one that got away with it. Probably the only one that ever will…

  11. I want those shorts Russell Westbrook is wearing!!

  12. Trey, you gotta link to this. Best nike commercial ever.

  13. Is it possible to get Russel Westbrooks outfit!!!

  14. Look for that comerical trey it is the best nike comercial ever for nike go on YouTube

  15. Talked to someone on today. They said they’d forward my concerns about this pixel rainbow jersey and shorts to the appropriate departments. All I see is people looking for this outfit. I want one myself.

  16. A expert said that they were made specicifically for the commercial and there hasn’t been any info on if they would make more and publicily sell them

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