Did you see me? There in the back. Behind the guy. No, the other guy.

No? Fine. This will help. Enhance.






All-Star Weekend: where dreams come true.

(Thanks Matt Moore and CJ Fogler)

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  1. Where was TNT showing?

    • The Inside the NBA guys were already in Houston for all star weekend so they did their show from there for the Thursday night games. Trey, having already arrived in Houston as well, went to the set of the show at some point and got on camera when the crowd was shown.

  2. this is epic i tried so hard to find trey on my tv hahaha

  3. This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen

  4. stuntin’ & frontin’…

  5. Styling and profiling

  6. Are you wearing a trench coat?

  7. Magnificent beard sir….

  8. Haha, that’s brilliant.

  9. Priceless stuntin

  10. Forget the crowd (although awesome), you should have been on the show Trey.

    Just a shame that you guys don’t have your old tv set so I can do the same with The Fix when I come to Toronto next month (sadly not joking).

  11. This just made my day.

  12. great “whatsup” head nod trey. too bad the guy with the rocafella diamond blocked you most of the time

  13. Trey Straight Mean Muggin!!!

  14. lookin hard trey aha

  15. It appears that Trey’s in the Illuminati based on that screen capture. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING FROM US, KIRBZ?!

  16. Trey a straight up G!

  17. This is awesome.

    Only fail is expecting serge with some sort of shirt off competition joke.

    Well done though.

  18. tha’t some illuminati shit

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