We all had a laugh when we heard that Andre Drummond was spending Pistons practices playing hand drums to help during his rehab from a recent back injury. Drumming, after all, is a pretty funny way to fix a back. And of course, his last name is Drummond, so the giggle factor was kicked up a notch. It was a perfect internet story.

Which is why I’m kind of bummed out that I have to tell everyone that it’s not really the case. Because according to Drummond, that was all just a big joke, as I found out yesterday at All-Star Media Day.

TBJ: Are you getting any better at the drums?

Drummond: That was a joke. I don’t really play the drums in practice.

TBJ: You don’t?!?

Drummond: I was joking around in practice one day. I don’t really do that.

Even though there are a few quotes about this being a real thing, I guess it does make more than a little bit of sense that a professional athlete wouldn’t be instructed to play the drums on the sideline while his team was practicing. Not only would it be annoying, it would also be REALLY annoying.

Fun while it lasted though.