I know you’ve been wondering what noted Canadian big men Tristan Thompson and Andrew Nicholson think about bagged milk, that most minor of phenomena that us Americans just can’t stop thinking is weird. That’s why I asked both of them about those silly little baggies.

Here’s Tristan Thompson.

TBJ: Which do you miss more about Canada — loonies and toonies or bagged milk?

Thompson: Bagged milk.

TBJ: Why?

Thompson: Cause it’s easier to just cut it open with scissors.

TBJ: The jugs kind of seem like a hassle.

Thompson: Yeah, exactly. I’m kinda tired of these cardboards you have to open up and all this. It’s too much work.

And here’s Andrew Nicholson.

TBJ: Which do you miss more about Canada — loonies and toonies or bagged milk?

Nicholson: (laughs) I do kinda missed bagged milk.

TBJ: It’s easier.

Nicholson: It is easier. American’s don’t realize that.

So there you go — bagged milk is better than dollar coins and opening cardboards is too much work. This has been your Canadian milk bag report of the day.

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  1. How the hell is bagged milk easier? haha

  2. So after you cut open the bag…do you store the milk in a jug or something?

  3. What do you do once it’s open? Duct tape the hole and just flop it in the fridge like a beaches whale??

    What do you do?!?

  4. Do you do lines of it? i guess its faster then….

  5. This post called me. Still can’t believe Skeets didn’t have to drink milk out of a bag for that book-off challenge. No jug to put it in. Straight bag lovin.

  6. For those wondering; milk bags are put into a pitcher like jug. Some cut both ends for a faster flow, others just cut one corner. Real Canadians cut both corners for pouring performance. Science! Double post

    • Thank you. So you have a specific milk jug at home that you pour the remaining milk contents into.

      The fast pouring idea is smart. Me and my friends used to rip off the tops of beer cans then jam them into the top of the backs of cans to increase flow. Good for chugging and pours.

      • No, we don’t pour the milk into the jug. We put the bag into the jug and then pour by holding the handle of the jug and the corner of the bag opposite the receiving vessel which, we call : a glass.

    • growing up at my house we always cut just one side, then I went over to a friends and saw it cut on both, thought he was the weirdest.

  7. this blows my mind i had no idea there was such a thing as bagged milk

  8. Here you go for you confused non-canadians…

  9. Is this some kind of Ontarioan thing? Never seen or heard of it in Alberta.

  10. hahahaahahahahaha, I love this.

  11. This is definitely not a “Canadian” thing I have never seen bagged milk here maybe it’s just an eastern Canada thing

    • there is a western canada? I thought it was just cows, oil and wheat…now on to the question of why it is not a canadian thing? now things must be subservient of alberta to be canadian?

  12. I would’ve asked bagged milk vs. Swiss Chalet dipping sauce and fries.

    • is swiss chalet still around? i’m from buffalo and there’s none here

      • yes, there is one in every at least 40k population cities,

        • Ugh – none in Quebec. Or Saskatchewan, now that I think about it. Moved to Montreal for a couple years and went into serious withdrawal.

          Bagged milk is popular in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes – can’t speak to out west.

  13. British Columbian here. I’ve never heard of or seen bagged milk until moving to Ontario for college.

    • I was gonna say, this must be an east coast thing because I’m canadian and I have never seen bagged milk in my 23 years of life. Seems rather pointless and illogical to me

      • Ditto man!
        living in BC, I would have sworn to god no such thing existed. I would have thought bagged milk was powder or some, for a titty milk substitute or something.

        What about those 4 litre jugs ? Do you not have those in Ontario ?

        • it’s ontario, we have everything, we are the centre of the universe and all revolves around us.

        • I’m from BC. We had bagged milk out here until the early 80′s.

          I have no idea how anybody thinks trying to handle a thing plastic bag full of liquid is easier than a 4L jug.

  14. I live in Bolivia. There’s bagged milk here as well as in other parts of South America I’ve traveled to.

  15. I grew up on bagged milk here in Minnesota. And it is easier.

  16. Bagged milk…I don’t get it!

  17. Bagged milk is stupid.

    The rest of Canada

  18. Stick to health care and stripping the earth of resources, Canada. Your milk ideas suck.

    • Hey buddy, we plant two trees for everyone we cut down. The area we live in is in a lot better of condition than ‘Murica

      Andrew Nicholson is kinda scary looking..

      • Try sustaining 300 million citizens, then come talk to us about “the state of your trees”

        • considering you are the ones using our trees I think were doing pretty well sustaining 300 million more people, it’s our oil, and our beef as well.

    • Well it’s a lot more hygienic to just cut the bag open once, then to touch the carton spout every time you want a glass of milk.

  19. Milk only comes in bags in India and in Russia you can get it either way… I’ve never seen bagged milk anywhere else…

  20. now along the same line as bagged milk does the US have canned juice? comes in what I can only describe as a 1.5 L tomato sauce can. and you have to punch a whole in the top to poor it, preferably two wholes much like bagged milk.

    • There is canned juice here but it seems like the type of juice that requires the most effort, so I don’t think anybody really buys it. Also, most of the milk here, even the cartons have caps that you just twist on and off so you don’t really have to open a carton every time. Not all that difficult.

      • youve got to twist off the cap every time, more work than just pouring. I buy jugs of milk though because I’m a disgusting human being who drinks it from the jug…

  21. Doesn’t the milk go bad though if there’s no cap or lid on it?

  22. I am on the west coast of Canada and miss bagged milk desperately. An often overlooked advantage of bagged milk is it’s shelf longevity. If you have a four-litre plastic jug of milk, you unscrew the top and the whole thing is exposed to air! With the bags, you can open each 1.333 litre sac individually, leaving the other two sealed tight for freshness!

    Have you ever sucked milk directly from a bag! Oh, childhood memories!

    Have you ever fondled a full milk bag lovingly? Yes! Yes we all have!

    How about a half full milk bag? Less nice.

  23. You can freeze bagged milk so you can buy it in bulk from Costco… Canada REPRESENT!!!

  24. I think I had bagged milk in elementary school but those were inidividual sized servings… They were kind of like Capri Suns that stopped trying to be cool…

  25. Milk is bad for your health.

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