Live from a Houston hotel room, it’s Suite Talk! On today’s show The Jones let you behind the curtain of All-Star Weekend and break down Media Day, the Celebrity Game, and the Rising Stars Challenge. All that, plus James “Flight” White blocks a third-grader, Trey crashes the TNT set, Tyler Zeller rescues us, and the Box-Out Kid returns. Well, for a bit.


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  1. Is this a audio-only show or is there a video coming up?

    Btw, since you consist of two Raptors fans and one Bulls fans, what do you think of the proposed trade that is apparently on the table for the Raptors to accept if they want:
    Boozer+Nate Rob for Bargnani+JLIII?

  2. Is this audio only version or are we gettin video later?

    • My guess is audio only b/c they likely don’t have a good set-up for video in Houston.

  3. Let it go Skeets, let it go.

  4. No jam session?

  5. You guys have the greatest jobs

  6. its great hearing about what goes on behind the scenes

  7. that hunger games guy definitely had the best play of the shitty celeb game. when he drove past that guy down the baseline then did a weird two handed fall-away shot thing.

  8. Kidd-Gilchrist had a speech impediment growing up and had a lot of issues with social anxiety. Great podcast.

    • This. Really impressive for him to face the media at all, let alone having to be made do this dumb promo again and again and again. Massive respect for MKG

  9. Idea for a Thursday Fix potpourri segment: Mu-Or-Not-Bo, wherein Leigh Ellis is shown photographs of men (wearing hats) and he has to guess whether they are of Dikembe (Mu) or not (bo). First photo? Bill Russell at the inauguration. (I hear that’s a tricky one.)

  10. I’ve played on those courts by the Toyota Center. The rims are clearly 2 or 3 inches short. I could dunk on them and it made me happy. I wish I had gone downtown with some cards for Mr. Ellis to sign.

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