Team Chuck beat Team Shaq at the Rising Stars Challenge, but which team knows more about their legendary coach? Find out as we play the soon-to-be classic game, “Do You Know Your Coach?”


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  1. Great as always, and some pretty choice stock music at the end there JD.

  2. Can we just add a “s” to Magic I really liked hearing Magics

  3. “Killin’ me Shaq” should be a TBJ soundbite.

  4. Probably should know that Shaq and Chuck weren’t the coaches?

  5. Pretty sure Tas says that Chuck was chosen “Fiveth” at 2:41.

  6. That was great, some of those players were really trying. Loved MKG and his effort and Isaiah had a nice answer.
    Klay Thompson killed it.

  7. magics is just gold…

    and i’m 19 and thats an excuse for not remembering the last team shaq played for a couple of years ago

  8. Go to hell Tas i’m going to keep making you tell me how my ass taste

  9. Good video but goddamn some moments are uncomfortable…

  10. mkg and dion waiters and shved were the stars of this video. i love the fact the mkg called orlando the magics and used the excuse “im only 19″ when he couldn’t remember the celtics

  11. instant tbj classic… or… maybe i´m just drunk.
    anyway, pretty funny!

  12. Great, great work guys.
    And kudos to the euro players, bringing two points out of four. Still Isaiah and Klay were just perfect.
    And I want a big US national survey about prohibiting team names with no plural. And a tricky part with what je Jazz would be. Jazz anyway? Jazzes? Jazzmen? JazzyJays?
    Ok forget it.

  13. Tuuurrrible!! Hilarious, Isaiah!

  14. Man, you guys weren’t kidding about MKG. Dude looks maaddd nervous.

    • Pretty sure he has a speech impediment. I give him props for even trying to overcome it and answer all the dumb media questions. The story in the saturday sweetshot (or whatever they call it) about the lady making him read a promo pissed me off. Obviously she has no clue.

  15. “Did Charles Barkley lead the ’92 Dream Team in scoring? True or false?”

    C’mon Skeets…

  16. tas seriously what do you have against the raps?

  17. Shaq never lead the league in rebounds?

    Klay Klay’s reaction was spot on

  18. Man you were right, those little podiums are pretty weird…

  19. I love Klay’s reaction to the shaq question. Priceless.

  20. Bradley Beal is HUGGGGGGE

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