Live from a Houston hotel room, it’s Suite Talk! On today’s show The Jones break down All-Star Saturday Night including a polarizing Dunk Contest, a satisfying Three Point Challenge, and a thrown Skills Competition. All that, plus bowling, Charles Barkley’s birthday party, and the mystery of Flo Rida’s ample chest.


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  1. Come on Terrence Ross deserved it!

    • Ross clearly was the most consistent. A perfect 50 followed by a 49 (inflated or not they were still solid dunks) and then ripping of 2 great dunks in the finals and the guy wins the popularity contest as well, cmon he had a great showing in a weak dunk contest.

  2. haha Matt sounds soooo hoarse. How many brews were ingested last night, fellas?

  3. That recap really bowled over.

  4. Jeremy Evans made a strategic error in the final round. His 2nd in the last round was better than the 1st, and that’s when most the votes are usually cast and counted. It probably would’ve been better if he unveiled the painting as he was going up to dunk it.

    And wouldn’t it have been easier for Gerald Green to dunk with his left hand first and then catch it and put it back in with his right hand since he’s right handed?

  5. A jones podcast on the weekend??? I picked ross as a dark horse. Bledsoe shocked me, he put on a show.

  6. you could easily deduct one point from the total for each missed dunk, so if you get 50, but it was on your second attempt, you get 49 points. if you get 50 on your third attempt, you get 47

  7. Why not dunk horse? Going against other dunkers till there’s only one dunker left.

  8. During the regular broadcast, is Matt kept in a different room because he can’t control his giggling?

  9. Anyone got a link to JD’s vine account?

  10. No offense to Kyrie Irving but Leigh Ellis has clearly won All Star weekend.

  11. Flo Rida’s got nothing on Chestus Ezeli (or TK for that matter).

  12. Hey Tas – an 800 series is a 266 average, not 233. #mathfail

  13. What happened to execution being part of how good a dunk is? What’s the excitement in being able to do something after 10 tries? It doesn’t matter if they are a 1080 in the air, it just isn’t that exciting.

    Give them 5 dunks each in the first round with 3 attempts each (only real attempts count) and only count top 4 scores. No completed dunk no points. Final round 2 or 3 guys 1 or 2 dunks to earn fan votes. Lowers the expectations for each dunk and let’s the guys show off some of the simpler dunks that they are familiar with

    Lose the props so people can appreciate real dunks like Green’s first dunk and Ross’s Carter dunk.

  14. I think Faried’s second dunk – off the backboard, between the legs – is being underrated.

    But he could have brought the house down by dunking over a cardboard cutout of Karl Rove and then slapping a rainbow symbol on the backboard.

  15. James White can’t dribble. That’s what I learned

  16. I think part of the reason that people were underwhelmed by the contest was that Shaq and Barkley were completely disinterested on the broadcast. Think Chuck just wanted to go to his party. For example, they didnt mention that Ross had taken off the warm up and revealed the Carter jersey at all until after he’d dunked and got the scores from the judges.

  17. give credit where its due, TRoss deserved that win he is such a unique dunker, very polished. No comment about that, instead constant negativity..could be toned down abit? its all star weekend cmon TBJAys.

  18. Yes Skeets! I was thinking the exact same thing about Evans’ painting dunk. So much cooler if he pulled it off while dunking.

    Ross’ dunks were actually pretty cool. Especially his first (i know i know he had a bunch of tries) and the Carter tribute.

  19. It was really a disappointing dunk contest. This really had potential to be an all time great.

    I blame the NBA and the format this year more than anything else. The judging was horrible…50s for basic flashy dunks? Got to put some more credible judges up there. The East vs. West crap is so stupid. The best two dunkers should make the finals…period! Some of the guys just got caught with the big lights, but overall the format hurt the contest more than anything I think.

    Terrence Ross was great though and very much deserved this award, no props or gimmicks and did some nice dunks. Almost every guy had a nice dunk in there, so we saw flashes of what could have been.

    ….and another thing about the format…having a East v West tally for all of Saturday night is so stupid! Seriously, who cares? The trophy they gave CP3 is the most pointless award EVER. The league has to scrap this whole shenanigan..PLEASE.

    Overall still a fun night though, Ross saved some face for the contest.

  20. I actually like the east-west thing because it enhances the rivalry which is always nice in these things- however I agree insofar as that I also don’t see why the two best first-round dunkers couldn’t be from the same conference. you still would want to do as well as possible for yourself and the conference, so yeah just change that lil something.

    but I like the skateboard-esque approach too. I mean, if it works for skateboard competitions, why shouldn’t it work for dunks?

    btw my favorite dunk was bledsoe’s 50! classic, simple, amazing execution, one try. perfect stuff.

  21. I’m all for the name-dropping. If you guys just wanted to report what happened, you could have watched from home.

  22. oh and wait – there’s really no recap of the actual all star game? or are you gonna do it on wednesday? (I just checked the archives cause I couldn’t remember last year, turns out there wasn’t really a sunday recap either, which feels really weird)
    I mean.. I feel like I posted about a zillion comments about how much I love this show, but honestly no recap? that’s kinda wack. and I say that even though I don’t care about the actual game all that much, it’s just… the all star weekend is missing a climactic wrap up for me.
    just my opinion, but I’d rather have you guys stay for one more final recap day and then take the week after off or whatever.
    anyways, you’re the best, so thanks for the all the awesome stuff! looking forward for the upcoming videos!

  23. The Three point contest was the best competition of the night.

    The dunk contest was a bit over hyped. I did like Evans dunking over Eaton, but Evans got to gimmicky with the painting but it was a cool dunk, and White folded under pressure. There was a lot of missed dunks sadly after the third try of the same dunk I lost interest. They should had not awarded 50 like they did after a couple of misses. Thankfully the second round was a lot better than the first round. Ross had the nicest dunks IMO.

  24. Wrote a little fanpost on my ideas for improving the dunk contest that I’d sent into TBJ a couple weeks ago – sounds like ‘free-flowing’ idea stuck!

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