Michael Jordan is known as one of the most competitive athletes ever, so on the occasion of his 50th birthday, we asked NBA All-Stars if there was anything in the world they thought they could beat the G.O.A.T. at.


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  1. Jeremy Lin can probably beat MJ at MJ… Mahjong.

  2. Ryan Anderson’s answer is the best.

  3. This is awesome. Can’t believe Bosh didn’t say “Taking cool pictures.”

  4. Wow these dudes are afraid of him even today..

  5. Kinda sounds like Steph Curry says that MJ has a nice dick.

    Do people actually say that golfers have a “nice stick”?

  6. Is Jason (1st commenter) Jason Whitlock? Look it up.

    Of course theyre scared of him still, they all wanna get it on Jumpman. Except Ryno of course.

  7. Classic “This one is gold!”-TBJ-Video! Just great!

    There were some pretty nice answers! My favorites are Tyson with his dressing and Ryan Anderson!

    And i wanna see an on court trashtalk-duell between MJ and KG!

  8. The Red Mamba plays cribbage.

    Of course.

  9. Awesome video, guys!

  10. MJ lost once in ping pong, then bought a table and became the best on his team. He’s not losing to Blake Griffin or Joakim Noah…

  11. I can probably beat MJ in Bomberman.

  12. Ryan Anderson seems like a good dude.

  13. that’s fantastic, kudos to asking Garnett any question at all

  14. We need subtitles for the first thing Brook Lopez said. “Marver vs Caper, probably?” Anyone with better hearing than me have a translation?

  15. Matt Boner would have a mean cribbage game

  16. There needs to be a feature length film about Brooke Lopez starring Brooke Lopez

  17. I feel like Lopez proabably uses a mid to low tier team in marvel

  18. the white dudes in this video had some strange answers

  19. Anyone else want to see the Blake-Joakim ping pong game happen?

  20. Brook Lopez wins. Hands down

  21. Starcraft. MJ can’t micromanage low minerals like this Korean.

  22. What I want to know is what “event” Leigh and Trey think they can team up in to best MJ.

    Comedy gold Basketball Jones. Way to bring it on all star weekend.

    • This should replace the Skills Challenge, or Shooting Stars for sure!

      • The Rookie-Soph MVP trying to beat an increasingly geriatric MJ one-on-one wouldn’t be the worst All-Star weekend event, and I’d give him odds into the 2020s.

  23. Loved Irving. *thinks for 2 seconds*. UNO.

    MJ now plotting to take down every single player.

    Perhaps this could replace the 2014 All Star weekend

  24. michael has done some pretty douchey things, many times, but still he would be defeated by Chris Bosh at being Like a Bosh….. what a wayne kerr!!!!

  25. btw can we get Michael to the Bobcats game in Portland on March 4 for this mid range jumper contest with LMA, should be gold!!!

  26. Does Ryan Anderson remind anyone else of Louis CK?

  27. What is the name and artist of the smooth music at 1:10 in the video??

  28. Great video, very unique angle on the redundant MJ coverage this weekend. Would like to see the LMA vs MJ mid range contest most of all.

  29. Matt bonner… why? LOLOL cribbage? lolol

  30. This is so awesome. I think your guys’ all-star interviews might be my favorite TBJ thing every single year. Just watching players react to the offbeat questions and then start to take it seriously…oh man.

    Also, MATT BONNER!!!

  31. It’s true. Ryan Anderson IS really good at catching grapes. http://www.nba.com/magic/video/2012/01/06/RYANANDERSONDGPROMOmov-1956367

  32. Loved how Melo said ‘Chess’ and then progressively talked himself out of it. That’s how good MJ was.

  33. I’d be kind of game for replacing the Celebrity Game or Shooting Stars Challenge to All-Star NBA 2k game. Or just Brook Lopez dominating everyone in MvC.

  34. A few Comments and questions:

    1. What makes James White think he could best MJ at baseball, especially considering Jordan played baseball? (but more importantly, who cares? #baseballisboring)

    2. Can I get some sort of confirmation that Melo has ever actually played Chess?

    3. Uno!?!

    4. Cribbage!?!

    5. Can we get a better explanation of “grape tossing?”

    6. Clearly, we need to arrange a ping pong match between Blake and Joakim.

    7. Judging by his performance in the 3-Point Shoot out, I’d say Steve Novak was spouting a bit of false bravado.

    8. Does the rash of professed video game aficionados among the ranks of current NBA players give weight to Bill Simmons’s supposition that marijuana use is running rampant in the Association?

  35. Oh, yeah — what the eff did Brook Lopez say!?! I have a very difficult time believing that guy attended Stanford…

  36. Wish one of the players would have said ‘being a GM!’

  37. You guys should just talk to or keep a camera on Brook Lopez for an hour. Everything he does/says is hilarious

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