If you are like me and the rest of Twitter, you noticed about eleventy jillion pairs of leather sweatpants — the majority of which come from En Noir — at this year’s All-Star Weekend. There were so many pairs, in fact, that it was kind of hard to keep them straight.

That’s why I scoured nearly 130 pages of the Getty Images database to offer the most complete listing of leather sweats from the past few days. I can’t guarantee that this is 100 percent of the leather trousers, but there’s no doubt in my mind that this is the most complete compilation of leather sweatpants on the internet. If that’s not resume material, I don’t know what is.




Two Chains. 2 CHAINZ!!!


2 Chainz (technically leather shorts over leggings, but I feel like the previous picture gives him some credibility vis-รก-vis leather sweatpants)


Alicia Keys.


Rick Ross.


David Stern.

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  1. So this is obviously the trend now. When you say sweatpants, do you mean that these pants are soft on inside?

  2. What is Rick Ross doing? Reebok can’t be happy with him wearing Nikes!

  3. Wow, these pants are in the same league as Jordan’s jeans….

  4. James and Wade make the ugliest couple ever.

  5. Never thought I would see a leather armed game of thrones shirt.

  6. I feel pretty cool right now. Not because I have leather sweat pants, but because while watching all of this, I noticed all of those pants and called them “leather sweat pants” not really knowing that’s what they were called. Also, Bob Harper was wearing some on the Biggest Loser a week or two ago…not that I watch that…I gotta go.

  7. How sweaty are the insides of Rick Ross’s? Sorry for that image, but my God…

  8. How sweaty are the insides of Rick Ross’s? Sorry for that image, but my God…..

  9. i just wanna know WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! do any of these guys honestly think that they aren’t gonna look back on these pics in a a few years (days? months?) and wonder who slipped them what drug/wad of cash to wear them?

    or am i the loser because and just don’t get ‘it?’

    i’m guessing it’s the latter. somehow.

  10. I don’t understand how drake is able to walk in those. The inseam is at his knees.

  11. Stern’s have to be the worst though right? what the hell are those?

  12. leather pants, most unpractical pants ever? sweat like a sea urchin, and make a fart noise if within 25 feet of another leather surface.

  13. looks like jimmy brooks ball so hard mother fucker walked right out of his wheel chair and into some red leather, where’s spinner and emma for this momentous occasion?

  14. Stern’s are pleated, right?

  15. Craig Sager has done it, his impact on the fashion industry has finally been felt. Seriously though, what happened to wearing normal suit. When did that stopped being a thing.

  16. Is Drake wearing two watches?

  17. Of course your leather pants need to be lined with sweatpants, did no one see Friends when Ross couldn’t get his leather pants back on? These guys are just repping their early ’00s sitcom knowledge.

  18. this country’s going straight to hell

  19. Also, chill Drake. Chill.

  20. That drake pic should be a meme. toilet, mosh pit, etc. can TBJ make this happen?

  21. I’m glad a grew up when I did. Baggy jeans may not look cool now, but they sure where comfortable. Never would have worn leather pants.. I’m with Mark Cuban, I don’t get it.

  22. Is that Fabulous taking pictures of Drake?

  23. I’m seeing a pattern here, a stereotype of sorts.
    Then the pic of David Stern pops up and I’m pretty much ready to leave this planet.

  24. how is nobody talking about the guy standing BEHIND drake!?!?! Lether pants, timbs, and a leather parka…. INSIDE?!?!

  25. Leather sweatpants, I don’t get it.

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