Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • Only half of his hair is braided, which seems aerodynamically nonsensical.
  • This could be the beginning of a Two-Face costume from the Tommy Lee Jones era.
  • Considering he hasn’t yet played a game for the Sixers, you’d think he’d have enough time to let all of his hair down.

Evidence against:

  • Has had his hair braided before, so it makes sense he’d have some remnants.
  • Might have been thinking, “Cornrows are kinda cool” but couldn’t really talk himself in to them.
  • Left side of head could have just been super itchy.
  • It’s my birthday and this is Andrew Bynum’s very weird idea of a present.

Verdict: Worst case of bedhead ever. Not a costume.

(via Jordan Raanan)