Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • Only half of his hair is braided, which seems aerodynamically nonsensical.
  • This could be the beginning of a Two-Face costume from the Tommy Lee Jones era.
  • Considering he hasn’t yet played a game for the Sixers, you’d think he’d have enough time to let all of his hair down.

Evidence against:

  • Has had his hair braided before, so it makes sense he’d have some remnants.
  • Might have been thinking, “Cornrows are kinda cool” but couldn’t really talk himself in to them.
  • Left side of head could have just been super itchy.
  • It’s my birthday and this is Andrew Bynum’s very weird idea of a present.

Verdict: Worst case of bedhead ever. Not a costume.

(via Jordan Raanan)

Comments (20)

  1. Happy birthday!

  2. I’m a major fan and the 19th is my birthday too! Happy birthday Trey!

  3. Have a gay birthday!

  4. Happy birthday!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday (to Michael Jordan, the only person who’s birthday has ever mattered)

  6. He’s in custome. He looks like Terminator at the end of T2.

  7. The Serge wishes you a gluttonous evening.

  8. Have a Happy Birthday Trey Kerby!! lol

  9. Happy Birthday TK

  10. Next bookoff payoff bro should have to wear his hair like AB.

  11. It could be his version of Amy Poehler’s perm in Parks and Rec.

  12. Happy Birthday Trey!

  13. He is officially trolling.

    Even if not in the previous instances, in this one he is.


  14. He’s getting ridiculously close to perfecting the O’DB look.

  15. Where was the fix today?

    • yeah. no fix again?

      • They said at the end of their saturday night podcast that there wouldn’t be one on Tuesday, being that there was no games on last night.
        It makes sense, even though I was disappointed too.

  16. This segment is my favorite

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