As we all know, enjoying fashion is the most important off-court quality an NBA player can have in this day and age. Looking cool and buying Givenchy shirts, after all, is one of the key components to establishing a solid brand. When in doubt, swag it out.

But outside of Amar’e Stoudemire, who once designed a women’s fashion line, it’s all men’s fashion. It makes sense, of course, since 100 percent of NBA players are male. However, if these guys are really as in to fashion as they say they are, you’d think they’d care about women’s fashion too, since that’s where the real crazy stuff is happening. And that’s why it’s refreshing to read about Kevin Durant dressing a Teen Vogue reporter. Because ladies need help too.

When it comes to styling me, Durant is extremely opinionated. We’ve narrowed the focus to three occasion-specific looks—game, date, weekend. Of the first, I’m informed: “Prefers jeans and heels. Doesn’t like when girls wear skirts or look like they’re trying too hard.” Nor does he approve of jerseys. Considering I wear only skirts and recently bought a KD jersey, I’m already backpedaling. The directives continue: “Date look: Loves dresses in colors like turquoise. Thinks the LBD is boring. [Editor's note: I'm impressed he knows the shorthand for little black dress!] Weekend: Likes girls in tennis shoes, especially Jordans.” Durant later clarifies that by “especially,” he means “only.” “As far as I’m concerned, there ain’t no tennis shoe other than Jordans.”

I arrive on set—the Chesapeake Energy Arena, home to the OKC Thunder—with two large trunks. Lined up beside Durant’s shoes, which are size 17, my own resemble Barbie accessories. Durant notices a pair of studded ones. “Jimmy Choo Choos!” he hollers approvingly. We pair them with jeans, a graphic tee, and accessories in Thunder orange and blue (this much team spirit is deemed OK). Game look on.

Next, a swimming-pool blue Matthew Williamson dress, which gets a thumbs-up for the date look. Durant is dressed in a dapper plaid blazer with a pocket square and indigo jeans. Last up, Jordans for the weekend look. “Unlace ‘em,” Durant says as I’m tying them on. His assistant chimes in, chuckling, “A lesson in KD swag.” My foot is now in Durant’s lap, and he’s showing me how to do the laces. (Hint: If your foot doesn’t feel like it’s falling out, they aren’t loose enough.)

There you go, women of Earth. Kevin Durant likes it when you’re wearing jeans, Jordans or a colorful dress (not all together, I don’t think). File that away in your dossiers, just in case. You never know when your foot will end up in Kevin Durant’s lap while he unlaces your shoes. It’s best to be prepared.

Not much else to say here, except that we finally have an answer to how much unlaced your shoe should be to look your coolest. That’s something I’ve been wondering for a while, so it’s good to finally crack the code. Just another lesson in KD swag.

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  1. Westbrook has got to be feeling overlooked right now. I hope KD landing this interview doesn’t end up hurting OKC’s chemistry.

  2. Weirdest part of that story is the fact that Durant wears actual, powered prescription eyeglasses but doesn’t wear contacts in games. So the Kevin Durant who’s currently having one of the best offensive seasons in NBA history doesn’t see all that well. Neat.

  3. This makes me weep for girls.

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