Nothing game-related about this. LARRY SANDERS! just looks like he has Dwyane Wade’s smile face on Gilbert Arenas’ head. It’s weird, I know, but I won’t be talked out of thinking this is true. It’s in the eyes and mouth.

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  1. He can look like whatever he wants as long as he keeps having block parties.

  2. just listened to the podcast, she is not a real grandma, no way. and if she is, she is old, reasonably she’d be 55 at the least but a more reasonable minimum would be 60.

  3. Doesn’t really work because SANDERS! doesn’t have D-Wade’s gross PED jawline.

  4. I see some Andre Blatche in there as well

  5. Top notch reporting as always, Trey.

  6. could’ve thrown in norris cole or EYYYYY MAAAAANNNNN SHUUUUMMMPPPEEERRRRTTTT for LARRY SANDERS! hair

  7. He’s got Tony Allen’s eyes/forehead.

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