Ballin: Tony Parker went for 30 points and 11 assists in the Spurs’ win over the Kings. If you had to take a guess, how many times would you estimate that Tonay Parcare has gone for at least 25 points and 10 assists? If you guessed five, you’re right. If you didn’t, you should have.

Not so much: 1-12 shooting, nine points and more turnovers (7) than assists (6) for John Wall. I’ll let you guess if the Wizards won or not. (Spoiler alert: They didn’t.)

Matrices: The Trail Blazers lost to the Suns, but Damian Lillard figured out how to teleport through humans, so you tell me who really won.

I think he learned this trick from Raiden, but I don’t really remember every nuance of the early editions of “Mortal Kombat.”

Climbers: Huge win for the last place Bobcats last night, as they beat the second-to-last-place Magic in Orlando to make up a full game in the race to not have the worst record in the entire NBA. Definitely keep your eye on this.

Counting: The Bulls played a close game, winning by just nine against the Hornets, and neither Luol Deng nor Joakim Noah played 40 minutes. They played 35 and 38 respectively, but I guess this is growing up.

Spinto Band: This is a really tough shot by Alec Burks. Really tough.

Not only that, the Jazz whipped the Warriors, who have now lost six straight games, five of which have been by at least double-digits.

Weird: Thanks to Joe Johnson, the Brooklyn Nets broke a 13-game losing streak against the Milwaukee Bucks. Sure, the Nets have been terrible the past few years, but so bad they couldn’t beat the always-.500 Bucks? Strange.

Computations: In their game against the Nuggets, the Celtics won two quarters and tied a third, which makes it kind of a bummer for them that they still lost by nine.

Bug: Isaiah Thomas has nice handles.

You don’t see a lot of alternate uniform vs. alternate uniform games in the NBA, but here’s one. Looks a bit off, but I’m going to chalk that up to the Spurs looking like they were ready for practice.

Swap meet: In their first game back in Detroit, former Pistons Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye combined to go 5-12 for 14 points in a Grizzlies win. So basically, the Pistons lost and those two skinny guys didn’t do much, which means nothing has changed.

Other things: Nice dunk from Jonas Valanciunas, kind of on Nene … Looking good, Steve Francis … Danilo Gallinari has a very effective step-back maneuver … Nate Robinson had a custom locker in New Orleans … The Lakers are getting a Jerry Buss patch, which looks nice … image up top via Casey Gonzales