Few things are more indicative of his career than Wale thinking it was a good idea to confront the opposing announcers of a non-playoff team on a Tuesday night because they didn’t recognize who he was or that he was D.C. bros with Rudy Gay. If this were a television show, it’d be “That’s So Wale.”

It’s all good though because Wale shouted out Toronto on Twitter. Can’t wait for him, Matt Devln and Leo Rautins to finally collaborate on a track. It’ll be a dream come true.

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  1. Love the look on Wale’s friend’s face, both because he is clearly embarrassed and because he looks like Drake.

  2. Matt Devlin is the only guy on a microphone Wale feels he has a legitimate shot at beating.

  3. hilarious. first lil wayne and now wale in a dust-up with the nba. i smell a mixtape.

  4. Wale is a joke…his music is a joke…his fame is a joke…and his actions are a joke. I am glad to see that no one has to confirm Leo and Matt’s comments…he does that himself very well.

  5. How dare Matt not know how bad Wale is! How did Wale find out about the comments? Twitter?

  6. Wale sucks. I sat courtside next to him at a Rocket’s game and intentionally stepped on his bright teal nikes when we left.

  7. DeMarcus Cousins receives a fine and a 2 game suspension after the incident.

  8. Now when I read ‘Wale’ I hear “wall a”

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