Ep. 931: Beard and Beef

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss James Harden and Jeremy Lin catching fire in the Rockets comeback win over the Thunder, “Human Durant,” the Lakers’ Jerry Buss tribute, an engaged Dwight, Nash’s jumper, the combative Knicks-Pacers foul-fest, LeBron’s drive-and-kick offense, and the possibility of Josh Smith delivering a signature J-Smoove game for the final time as a Hawk. Ka-kaw!

All that, plus the world premiere of Matt Devlin’s Wale diss track. Don’t hurt ‘em, Matty D!


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Comments (12)

  1. It hasn’t made it to feedburner yet?

  2. Skeets, did you lose a bet that resulted in you having to say “KA-KAW!” whenever you mention the Hawks?

  3. Doesn’t seem to be up on either?

  4. I enjoy how non-chalantly you guys say Sex Warriors even though it’s the most ridiculous

  5. The Americans…good show. Keri Russell, who knew?

  6. Why don’t you guys have a “Wud up wit dat?” drop?

  7. How bout a Rockets drop? Maybe something from Toy Story?

  8. In a league where 90% of the players are black, why do you guys always mention how good-looking the white players are?

  9. he newman in a jeep lmao

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