Even though the whole internet likes him, Iman Shumpert has struggled since returning from a knee injury that occurred during last season’s playoffs. He’s shooting 32 percent, his PER is down from a terrible 10.8 to an even worse 9.4 and sometimes his giant flattop seems to have grown so tall that the top of it won’t stay together and it starts looking fuzzy. It’s been bad news all around.

So to help Shoompairt shake off the cobwebs, the Knicks did something anyone who is trying to make someone else feel good about themselves would do — they gave him a DVD full of his best moments from his rookie year. From the New York Post:

Iman Shumpert had a companion during his All-Star break trip to Houston, where he did some promotional appearances.

The Knicks coaches and video staff gave him a DVD of his highlights from last season, when he made the All-Rookie first team. Shumpert hasn’t been the same player since his mid-January return from ACL surgery and the Knicks actually have listened to offers entering today’s trading deadline.

“Our video guys and coaches put together a little thing what I was doing last year,’’ Shumpert said yesterday before the Knicks 125-91 loss to the Pacers. “Put those positive vibes back in my head what I was doing before and what I was doing lately. I need to get back in the habit of always pushing myself to do more.’’


“I think I was just a lot more aggressive,’’ Shumpert said beforehand after watching tape. “I got more rebounds, pushing the break myself. A lot of times I get a rebound, I sort of look around and see who’s around. Last year, it was just get the rebound and go. Just little things I hadn’t noticed.’’

And how did this little experiment work out? Well, in his first game back from the All-Star break when he caught up on his highlights, Shumpert went 1-7 for four points, got benched after six minutes in the first half and saw his team lose by 34 points. So not very good.

Maybe he needs a better highlight mix. Or maybe he needs more than eight months to properly heal from his torn ACL. One of the two.