On Tuesday, Raptors broadcaster Matt Devlin and DMV rapper Wale got into a hilarious showdown during the Raps-Wizards game when Devlin joked on-air about not knowing who Wale was. Wale heard about the slight on Twitter and attempted to confront Devlin, but he was held back and no harm was done.

But just when you thought the beef was squashed, The Basketball Jones got their hands on an exclusive diss track, recorded by Matty D, lashing out at the Grammy-nominated rapper.

Oh yeah. This just got real …


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Comments (12)

  1. Bigger than Tupac and Biggie!

    I hope we hear a collaboration soon!

  2. Beef is when I see you. No eye contact forget about the interview…

  3. Ringtone of the year

  4. Nice. Your rap game is on Skeetster.

  5. Skeets just killed the rap game.

  6. The funny thing though is that if someone hits wale up about this on twitter, there is a chance he may response to it lol. Apparently he reads blogs, forums, twitter, facebook etc about everything said about him especially the negative stuff.

  7. Wale’s got nothin on Skeetz.

  8. If you wanted the lyrics:

    T-Dot chillin’, Raptors chillin’
    My name Devlin and I came to spit it
    Came to spit it, came to spit it
    My name Devlin (Devlin … Devlin …)

    Shiiiiiit, this how you start a diss track
    Mispronounce a name, and call his rhymes whack
    Wall-E? Wall-I? Wah-lay? Who knows?
    All he got goin’ is that Seinfeld show

    Well it’s no soup for you, head back to your seat
    You more obsolete than dudes from Blackstreet
    You tweet “watch ur mouth,” then go ahead and watch it
    This is it tellin’ you “Ambition” was crap, kid

    Wale mad that he not me
    I remain a Raptor; he Newman in a Jeep
    And if you ain’t heard me properly
    Wait ’til tomorrow, I’m on TV daily

    T-Dot chillin’, Raptors chillin’, sing to the ceilin’
    “Livin’ on a Prayer,” ah yeah
    That’s it, class taught
    You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got

  9. Skeets (Devlin) > both Drake and Wale

  10. Fantastic is all I can say :)

  11. The track should have just ended with a huge explosion

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