Since Lent began just before All-Star Weekend, The Basketball Jones decided to find out what NBA players would have the hardest time giving up for 40 days.


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  1. Got Milk needs to get a James White ad out ASAP!

  2. Very cat-like answer…

    • Exactly. He is so much more of a cat than a dog.

      • I dunno dude. Seems a lot like a jack russell to me. Cat’s aren’t feisty. Also he said he can’t live without cars! A cat would never say that. Dogs are the ones who live ridin’ about, flappin their gums and shit. Not to mention chasin’ em. If there was ever a mortal enemy of the cat, it’d be cars. For a cat, Cars=Death+Trips to the vet.

  3. So Jrue Holiday’s nickname HAS to be Honey Buns now, right?

  4. please give me the full lopezpopcorn interview!

  5. Man you guys have to just post the whole of that Brook Lopez interview. Gold everytime.

  6. Forget Got Milk, Moo Milk Bar just got its first pro athlete. Also with Russ’ answer he’s definitely a cat, prissy

  7. Great answers and for me it looks like the pros are enjoying your unusual questions!
    And Wow! Russel really hates you guys!

    Can someone please tell me what KG said?

  8. no one said basketball!!

  9. Can’t believe nobody said hoopin! If they stopped playing ball for 40 days I don’t know if there team would cut them a check…It’d be pretty hard for them to give up them paychecks!

  10. I don`t celebrate Lent!

  11. i don’t think the holiday understands the effects of krypotonite

  12. KG wanted to say Honey Nut Cheerios very badly.

  13. Why does Russ have to be such a dick?

    Media day is a chore. However, stupid questions would be more fun to answer than the same ole same ole questions they get asked.

    Plus, part of his job is to answer questions. They get paid a wage to go to practice, play matches, and everything that comes with it (eg media). It he took that attitude to an office job, he’d be sacked.

    The lent question is a good one too!

  14. I was thinking KG would say: Basketball.

    Dude just flat out loves the game.

  15. “Coke is my everything” isn’t getting nearly enough love. I would like to see how far Gerald Green would go for an ice cold Cola. Aside, me and Kyrie Irving have the same favourite candy, #besties4lyfe

  16. 1) I agree to james white / got milk ad: he could pretty easily at least half-restore his image in some kind ironic commercial where it is insinuated that he was out of milk right before the SDC… and at the end he drinks his milk and does his SDC free throw dunk where he moves all of his limbs at once and needless to say completes it easily.

    2) the world needs to see both the full brook interview and the full james white – tas melas moo milk bar conversation.

    3) those TBJ all star videos are the best thing about the entire event BY FAR

  17. I was sad that for the first time, there would be no Dirk answer, and almost didn’t want to watch but Matt Bonner, oh my goodness.

  18. You guys should have thrown out some suggestions when they were pausing for a long time
    like when KG was just sitting there, and i was hoping Skeets was gonna say scarves

  19. Sorry overall did candy beat out video games? Candy > Video games.

  20. Obvious answer for KG…Honey Nut Cheerios, or trash talk. Pretty sure his head would explode if he couldn’t talk shit for 40 days lol

  21. i would’ve loved for someone to say honey nut cheerios. i thought at the end of the video, it was on the end of garnett’s lips to say it but i guess he didn’t want to sorta make fun of the situation. great clip altogether there though.

  22. Westbrook is a d*ck, straight up. Never really liked the guy from watching him play (striclty meaning personality-wise, cause he is a great player) and the more I see of his interviews, the more I just don’t like him. Seems like he’s completely full of himself.

  23. Enjoyed the KG answer.
    Kyrie seems to be a stand up guy, always smiling and treating the fun questions as they are.

  24. Giving dem sweets?! Is that what Z-Bo does when he’s done doing dem skiins?

  25. Gerald Green might have won the dunk contest if he said Sprite instead of Coke for his fav. pop. Lol

  26. Rus is a punk and KG is a bitch the rest were cool

  27. Blake and Bonner had the best answers. And Westbrook looks like a huge douche.

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