Ballin: I am just going to tell you James Harden’s line and let you marvel at how awesome it is: 46 points, 14-19 shooting including 7-8 from three (a career-high mark), eight rebounds, six assists, a steal, a block and only two turnovers. Please explain to me how awesome this is in the comments.

Not so much: Not only did the Knicks lose to the Pacers by 34, they also allowed Indiana to break their previous season-best in points by 10, suffered their worst loss of the season, trailed the entire game, were whistled for three technicals and a flagrant, and saw J.R. Smith get ejected after his second T. As far as losses go, this is a really bad one.

Crush it: Not a lot good happens for the Charlotte Bobcats. But in their loss to the Pistons, at least one thing did.

By the time the season’s over, we’ll probably forget all about this dunk because the teams and players involved are so minor, but let’s hope not. What a dunk.

Change up: In his first game against his former team, Rudy Gay torched the Grizzlies for five turnovers and 5-15 shooting in a loss. When I say “torched,” I mean whatever the opposite of torched is.

Normsies: The Miami Heat beat the Atlanta Hawks by 13 while LeBron James and Josh Smith both had near-triple-doubles. One of them shot better than 50 percent and the other shot less than 40 — guess which is which.

Fitting: Kind of fortuitous that the Lakers’ first game since the passing of owner Jerry Buss would be against the Celtics. He’d probably be happy to know that his team handled their rivals, with seven of their nine players scoring in double-digits. That’s how he would have wanted it, I think.

Deep: This is how on fire James Harden was last night.

Whenever a guy makes a halfcourt shot in his normal shooting motion, I’m reminded of this Michael Jordan shot and this LeBron James shot. Easily one of the coolest things you can do during a basketball game.

Hustle hard: Here’s O.J. Mayo turning a 2-on-1 Magic fast break in to a Mavericks dunk. Dallas won.

Boink: Which is worse — that the Minnesota Timberwolves made only one shot in the fourth quarter, going 1-12 from the field, or that the 76ers still lost by seven? Hint: It’s the second one.

Erry day like this: Kyrie Irving had another of those 20-point fourth quarters, so you might as well watch some highlights.

I don’t want to overstate things for dramatic effect, but Kyrie Irving is very good at basketball.

Double good: For the first time in seven games, the Warriors won. And for the second time in seven games, they gave up less than 100 points. Funny how those work together.

Oops: Up three with 2.4 seconds remaining, the Brooklyn Nets fouled Monta Ellis as he took a game-tying three-pointer. Ellis proceeded to miss all three free throws (the third intentionally) despite being a 77 percent career free throw shooter.

Other things: Very nice windmill by Sam “Old” Young … Jerry Buss’ chair is an excellent tribute … Greg Monroe scored 10 points in the final five-ish minutes of the Pistons’ win against the Bobbycats, which is good … All 75 points that James Harden and Jeremy Lin scored … Our first trade deadline trades saw Thomas Robinson head to Houston, Patrick “Pat” Patterson go to the Kings and Marcus Morris join his twin brother in Phoenix.

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  1. I’m guessing it’s not the case, but “Phoenis” would be one of the best on-purpose typos ever.

  2. harden is the real deal.

  3. Woah boy. Woooooah boy.

  4. this might be the most logical typo ever, since “phoenis” is one “ho” away from “penis”. and although I am open to a lot of things, I don’t know if I wanna see marcus and markieff joined in penis.

  5. How good have things turned for the rockets. They were trying to desperately move all their assets for a lottery pick to get drummond or robinson during the draft. Fast forward 8 months, they have moved all those assets and got robinson AND james harden who is going insane and will only get better

  6. The way harden cooks ibaka in the iso is so dirty

  7. kyrie can take over at will. he was on fire in last nights 4th quarter. not sure there’s many players you’d rather give the ball to with the game on the line.

  8. Rockets alternate jerseys erry day plz

  9. Was listening to the Pistons game on Detroit radio and I could tell from the radio announcers that Kidd-Gilchrist dunk was something else. Former Piston “Bad Boy” Rick Mahorn (color commentary) let out a howl of joy.

  10. And I can’t be the only one that has noticed the Phoenix Suns addiction with NBA brotherly love?

    They’ve had:
    The bad Griffin brother
    The bad Lopez brother
    One of the Collins brothers (I’m honestly not sure if one is better than the other, the one they had wasn’t all that grand)
    The bad Zeller brother

    And now Marcus Morris. Since I’ve given up my Suns habit after years of being kicked in the shins, I’m not sure how good Markieff is to do a proper comparison….

  11. In that Kidd-Gilchrist dunk the announcer says “Where did that last 6 inches come from!!!” Heehee

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