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On today’s Overdose, The Basketball Jones discuss Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. What type of impact will J.J. Redick have in Milwaukee? Could the Kings stop screwing their fans for just one second? Why’d the Hawks hold on to Josh Smith? And which other teams that didn’t make a move really should have?

All that, plus a few of the league’s B.V.P’s (Best Value Contracts), NBA doppelgangers, gifts from Brad Miller’s wife, J.R. Smith’s “pipe,” and Trinidad James’ poppin’ jumpers in Lang Whitaker’s sweat. WOO!!


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  1. That series of tweets after the conversation by J.R. negated wanker of the week nomination. Pure comedy.

  2. FYI – That’s probably Ben from Vermillion, SD, not Ben Vermillion from SD.

    • Just checked. Yup, you’re right. Though brings up a good question: Would you rather be named Ben Vermillion, or live in a place called Vermillion? Both are fantastic.

  3. Is it not up on iTunes yet? I can’t seem to find it…

  4. Chris Brown and Shannon Brown are identical….and have the same last name, of course.

  5. Another Scott Brooks twin nominee: the guy from Franklin & Bash who isn’t Zack Morris.

  6. Rodney Stuckey and 50 cent

  7. Today’s show was really out there and confusing.

  8. What did he do when he wanted to read classic literature?

    J.J. Read Dickens

    (In full disclosure this is the name of my fantasy team.)

  9. I always thought the rookie version of kobe with the bald look made him look like tupac.

  10. Kirk Hinrich & Jason Biggs from American Pie.

  11. I think you guys are underestimating just how important that playoff gate money is to the Bucks. This is the least valuable franchise in the league and they lost about half a million dollars last year. Their arena is aging and there is a decent possibility that Kohl may have to sell to owners that are less Cheesetriotic than Kohl (who would never move the team). For most teams I’d agree with you but for the Bucks I’d say get that money and try to build a contender on the run.

  12. My cousin and I do NBA doppelgangers all the time. The best we’ve come up with…

    Corey Maggette and Neyo (and Jarrett Jack for that matter)
    Jason Kapono and young Bill Simmons
    Josh Smith and The Game
    Marcus Camby and Dr Dre
    Vinny Del Negro and Luke Wilson
    Eric Snow and Stanley from Friday

  13. What’s his favorite Vin Deisel movie?

    The Chronicles of Redick.

  14. Yes please on a TBJ pun gun shirt! That would combine all of my favorite things in life.

  15. Robin Lopez very close to Brook Lopez… and Markieff morris looks just like marcus morris. Its crazy

  16. Elton Brand and Avon Barksdale

  17. Kevin Durant and Jaimie Foxx

  18. Lose half an hour on nbadoppelgangers.com.
    Here’s a James Harden Gem.

  19. Marcin Gortat and boxer Kelly Pavlik are dopplegangers

  20. If Tyler Honeycutt put a pillow down the back of his pants he would be Tyler Funny Butt

  21. Ryan Hollins and Jamario Moon are doppelgangers

  22. What does his wife say when she doesn’t want sex tonight?

    I have a J.J. Headdacke

  23. Too much talk about Blazers+Playoffs today. Schedule home is brutal, and have lost the last 6 – a few against lottery teams (PHX, ORL) Lakers have now jumped them, and Houston in 8th spot are 4 game above .500 while Portland sit 4 games below .500

  24. The Hannah To The Marnie! TBJ has just reached prime awesomeness! Do you guys actually watch Girls?

  25. A lot of these comments are weirdly spammy.

  26. I feel like you guys missed out on a JJ Redickembe Mutombo pun.

  27. What does JJ Redick play as in First Person Shooters?

    JJ Medic

  28. Chris copeland and waka flocka look alike

  29. Dopplegangers : Michael Redd ( Kanye West). JaVale McGee ( J. Cole). Joe Johnson ( GZA). Nick Young (Blu) Josh Smith (The Game) Russel Westbrook (Donwill) Alan Anderson ( Method Man)

  30. I feel like the basketball world is really missing out on a wonderful Caron Butler-Miguel lookalike experience.

  31. What does a police officer say when pulling JJ over?

    “Hey! Hey! Spread it!”

  32. Paul Pierce and Dr. Dre. Kevin Durant and Jamie Foxx.

  33. Where the hell do i leave my review?

  34. JB Smoove/Vin Baker

  35. Ronny Turiaf / Khal Drogo – nothing more to say.

  36. Rick Carlisle & Jim Carrey
    Mike D’Antoni & Carter Pewterschmidt – Granted not a real person but still…

  37. Matt Austin is very suspect, is he a gaylord? #seriousquestionbro

  38. Omer Asik = Judge Reinhold !!!!

  39. When do you guys move into a new studio?

  40. another day, another day tas just HAS to rip the Rudy Gay trade, seriously tas get your cock out of your ass

  41. Surprised this one hasn’t come up:

    If he was on a sinking ship, who would he be?

    May-Day Reddick

  42. The KG yoga pose would have to be ‘Illegal Pick’. To execute it you start feet shoulder width apart with one hand clasped around the other wrist at you belly button. Then slowly, almost imperceptibly shuffle the feet while extending clasped arms towards the nearest person with their head turned.

  43. Those shout outs have to end. Used to be mildly amusing I guess but have for real become super annoying.

    • I don’t know. I’ve always hoped for an Overdose where they each split into two teams (like for the Rising Stars with Team Skeets and Tas) and draft TOTW army members for a vote.

  44. when was the last time you even watched a raps game Tas? give the raps some credit for once in your fucking life.

  45. For NBA doppelgängers. Rondo looks like the bad guy from 8 mile, Westbrook looks like bodie from the wire, and emeka okafor looks like poot from the wire as well haha

  46. I went to the clips and jazz tonight and in the pregame dunk line DJ and Blake missed back to back between the legs jams and it made me wish DJ was in the dunk contest/it was the most exciting thing all night.
    Dwight Howard won and is less exciting of a dunker than DJ. He is 4 inches taller than Faried and could surely pull off a better series of dunks. Get this man in the damn contest, egos mustn’t prevent the best possible outcomes for the all star events.

  47. Also. A dude came super close to making the half court shot at the clippers game again. Time to move it to 3/4 court.

  48. I don’t think you interpreted the pipe-photo correctly: didn’t you notice that there was a pipe missing? maybe I’m overestimating JRs creativity here, but I don’t think that was a coincidence and actually pretty funny.

  49. doppelganger – Donyell Marshall and Ludacris. dead ringers.

  50. Russel Westbrook and Bodie from the Wire

  51. Doppelgängers:

    Andre Miller – Denzel Washington
    Bill Simmons – Bradley Cooper
    Derrick Rose – Jennifer Carpenter (Debra from Dexter)
    Chandler Parsons – Phillip Phillips

  52. Matty O sounded like Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy.

    You wanna popsicle?

  53. Kanye West is Gilbert Arenas.

    Zach Randolph is Eddie Winslow from Family Matters sans hair.

  54. Deandre Jordan and Tyler the creator

  55. How has no one mentioned Chauncey Billups and DMX? They look like they could be brothers for sure

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